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The Liberation: Alchemy Wars, Concluded

And so we've come to the end: The Liberation, the thoughtful and blood-soaked conclusion to the Alchemy Wars trilogy, is on shelves now!

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Published on December 12, 2016 10:40
Average rating: 3.94 · 29,830 ratings · 3,599 reviews · 63 distinct worksSimilar authors
Bitter Seeds (The Milkweed ...

3.74 avg rating — 6,423 ratings — published 2010 — 26 editions
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The Mechanical (The Alchemy...

3.96 avg rating — 6,160 ratings — published 2015 — 18 editions
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The Coldest War (The Milkwe...

4.09 avg rating — 3,607 ratings — published 2012 — 17 editions
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The Rising (The Alchemy War...

4.21 avg rating — 3,060 ratings — published 2015
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The Liberation (The Alchemy...

4.14 avg rating — 2,194 ratings — published 2016 — 12 editions
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Necessary Evil (Milkweed Tr...

4.05 avg rating — 2,702 ratings — published 2013 — 18 editions
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Something More Than Night

3.58 avg rating — 1,756 ratings — published 2013 — 9 editions
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What Doctor Gottlieb Saw

3.97 avg rating — 433 ratings — published 2010 — 3 editions
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The Golem (The Witch Who Ca...

4.12 avg rating — 41 ratings — published 2016 — 3 editions
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Radio Free Trismegistus (Th...

4.18 avg rating — 39 ratings — published 2016 — 3 editions
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Bitter Seeds The Coldest War Necessary Evil
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3.91 avg rating — 13,165 ratings

The Mechanical The Rising The Liberation
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4.06 avg rating — 11,489 ratings

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“Enochian was the wail of dying stars, the whisper of galaxies winging through the void, the gurgle of primordial oceans, the crackle of a cooling planet,
the thunder of creation. And beneath it all , a simmering undercurrent of malevolence.”
Ian Tregillis, Bitter Seeds

“Oh, for crying out loud," she said. "Were you fools any more chivalrous I'd surely swoon on the spot and damage my uterus.”
Ian Tregillis, The Mechanical

“Then she rooted around until she found the bathroom medicine cabinet. It used to contain a bottle of aspirin. Now it contained her scream from the time she was bitten by a llama at a roadside petting zoo in Manitoba.”
Ian Tregillis, Something More Than Night


“A writer who is afraid to overreach himself is as useless as a general who is afraid to be wrong.”
Raymond Chandler, Pearls are a Nuisance

“Everything a writer learns about the art or craft of fiction takes just a little away from his need or desire to write at all. In the end he knows all of the tricks and has nothing to say.”
Raymond Chandler

“If you have enough book space, I don't want to talk to you.”
Terry Pratchett

“Anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.'
Isaac Asimov

“You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”
Anne Lamott

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WellesleyGardender Thanks, Ian!

message 23: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "Fuck you, Ian Tregillis. Fuck you right in the ear. Your plan of Bubonicion: More Jealouser is totally working."


message 22: by Joel

Joel i mean, yeah, i know. they know what sells, i am sure. it's still, as you say, weird.

message 21: by DMS

DMS Wow. That is lovely. Did he also happen do a no longer usable cover for Necessary Evil?

Not that I would ever make an alternate skin for my own copy so they looked like a matches set. Not when the largest version I can find is 640x570.

message 20: by Joel

Joel also also: that cover is awesome and that blog is just so rich with irony. this cover won't sell book a, so let's build book b around it.


message 19: by Joel

Joel i did! thanks.

also: obsequious little toads would be a good name for a band.

message 18: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "No. He must draw me a dragon. Over the phone dragon."

Both of you, stop trolling me with your polite requests for over-the-telephone art.

message 17: by Joel

Joel :::spying on your comment on ceridwen's profile:::

JJP! i hope you tell him how amazingly awesome his cover for your book was. i mean, photo models with sci-fi crap affixed to their heads are fine too, but i likely wouldn't have read bitter seeds without that cover, because i am contrary to the will of the mass market like that.

if you have a minute, you can also ask him to draw me a dragon if you want.

message 16: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "I hate you! Is he doing a cover for you??"

Nah. I wish. (Although speaking of which, therein lies a tale.) He's super busy, but we're trying to find a time to chat. About you, naturally.

message 15: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "WHUT? That's so cool! Did you tell him all about me?"

I'm saving that for the followup.... when we talk ON THE PHONE.

message 14: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Elizabeth wrote: "Ha. You are also one of the authors who did not need any guidance from me on the subject. I'm glad you liked the discussion though. I thought it was pretty fascinating."

Very fascinating indeed! I still have a lot to learn about the minefield known as social networking (which is why I've mostly avoided it until now).

message 13: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Elizabeth wrote: "May I please use this as my screen saver and put it in power points and maybe tattoo it on some of my colleague's arms (but only the ones who forget it a lot)? Attribution is unlikely."

Knock yourself out! You'll notice that I didn't attribute it to the original source; I think I heard it from some guy on the internet.

Very interesting discussion on your review today. I've found it very educational. I'm really glad I have the opportunity to listen in.

message 12: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Darynda wrote: "I think I've already told you this, but you have THE coolest website I have ever seen. LOVE!!!

Just an FYI. :)"

Thank you! You've made my web designer's day (and mine).

message 11: by Darynda

Darynda Jones I think I've already told you this, but you have THE coolest website I have ever seen. LOVE!!!

Just an FYI. :)

message 10: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Adrienne wrote: "I'll call Abney Park in the morning. (We're LIKETHIS.)"

How come you've only mentioned this now? Because I have, like, all of their CDs in my car. This is me feeling betrayed.

Funny thing about squirrels: total Star Trek fans. They wore uniforms and said their vows in Klingon.

message 9: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Adrienne wrote: "It's uuuuuh two forty-five and I was just wanted to remind you that Steampunk Expo is (probably) a good time and aaaah, you can wear a Hawaiian shirt. "

Actually, it does look kinda fun. All you need to do is convince Abney Park to play a gig there, and we'll talk. Meanwhile, I'll be watching the squirrels from my office window. They're married.

message 8: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Greeeeat. Yeah, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and take care of Steampunk Expo all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Not half days, m'kay? I have a meeting with the Bobs in a few minutes.

message 7: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Kristie wrote: "It's amazing what I discover when I poke around Goodreads for longer than it takes to update my books. You can comment on a friend's profile? I somehow missed that.

Also, you're going to be back i..."

I'm not particularly savvy when it comes to social networking, so you'd be amazed at all the stuff I miss :-)

But anyway, yes! I am going to be in Mpls the weekend of November 12-14. Most of the weekend is already booked up, unfortunately, since it's a short trip. I'm doing another signing at Uncle Hugo's (a signing of opportunity, since I'll be nearby), though I expect turnout to be smaller, since I've already foisted my book on just about everyone I know :-)

Kristie It's amazing what I discover when I poke around Goodreads for longer than it takes to update my books. You can comment on a friend's profile? I somehow missed that.

Also, you're going to be back in town so soon? I'm so bad with the whole "keep in touch" thing. In any case, I've put it on my calendar. It'd be great to see you again!

message 5: by Ian (last edited Oct 18, 2010 09:33PM)

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "Also, squee! You guys are coming soon!"

I'm excited! (As long as I don't have to suffer your foolishness, and explain tautologies as though they were hieratic truths.)

Melinda and I are signing at Uncle Hugo's on Saturday the 13th. Since that's close to you guys, can we swing by for a visit either before (pre 1pm) or after (post 2pm)?

Come to think of it, I ought to contact my zombie webmaster about getting that event on my website.

VirJon reminds me of somebody else I know who has OPD.

message 4: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "So, not to be your mom, but you don't have Suicide Kings listed on your author page, and you should.

Also, you rock the Casbah. I hope you got back to NM okay."

I'm afraid to go to my author page. But if I did go there, how would I do that thing you said? Also, how can I get GR to stop listing me (sometimes) as the author of one of GRRM's books?

You guys are the rockingest hosts who ever rocked anything. Sorry I messed up your floor-scrubbing plans. And for not knowing when to S my WM. Thanks for all of your kindness (and for sitting through not one but 2 signings).

message 3: by Ian (last edited Apr 13, 2010 08:10AM)

Ian Tregillis Richard wrote: "Congratulations on the book launch, Ian! Looks like it's getting some great reviews, and a lot of excitement. I'm going to head over to the bookstore posthaste."

Thanks, dude. I really appreciate the kindness and support. From what I know, the book is probably at Barnes and Noble but not Borders. (I'm headed over to Borders later to find out...) Let me know where you do and don't find it!

BTW, I accidentally hit "yes" instead of "more" on your shill^H^H^H^H^H review of Bitter Seeds. I honestly wasn't trying to be a sock puppet. I feel badly about that.

message 2: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "...We were just on the phone with Rob planning wacky hijinks for your visit. You are warned of the impending awesomeness."

It's been a couple of years since I've experienced some good, home-town awesomeness. So, you know, no pressure or anything. Just sayin'. What with how long I've been gone and all. Some awesomeness would be, you know, awesome. Is what I'm saying.

message 1: by Ian

Ian Tregillis Ceridwen wrote: "Hi Ian. I'm sorry I called you a fucking bastard in my non-review; I suck...."

How can I be upset when it's all too true? I am the bastardy-est.

Thanks for all the kind words and support. I really, really appreciate it.

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