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I'm a Scottish writer, now living in Canada, with more than twenty five novels published in the genre press and over 300 short story credits in thirteen countries.

My work has appeared in a number of professional anthologies and I have recent short story sales to NATURE Futures, Penumbra, Read Short Fiction and Buzzy Mag. When I'm not writing I play guitar, drink beer and dream of fortune and glory.

For full details see my website at http://www.williammeikle.com

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William Meikle Write, write, then write some more. It's like getting an engine turning over. Once it warms up, it just keeps on running.
William Meikle Sorry this took so long... the short answer is, yes, there's a developing Meikle Mythos that encompasses my Sigils and Totems idea.

It’s a simple…more
Sorry this took so long... the short answer is, yes, there's a developing Meikle Mythos that encompasses my Sigils and Totems idea.

It’s a simple enough concept.

There are houses like this all over the world. Most people only know of them from whispered stories over campfires; tall tales told to scare the unwary. But some, those who suffer… some know better. They are drawn to the places where what ails them can be eased.

If you have the will, the fortitude, you can peer into another life, where the dead are not gone, where you can see that they thrive and go on, in the dreams that stuff is made of.

There it is in a nutshell. There are houses where people can go to get in touch with their dead loved ones.

But this gives me lots of things to play with. To even get inside a room, you need a sigil; a tattoo or carving on your skin, and a totem, a memento of your loved one. Then there’s the fact that your loved one might be a parallel universe version rather than the one you actually know.

And where do these houses come from? What’s behind the walls? How do they work? Why do they work? And who chooses the concierges who run them? Or fixes them when they don’t work?

So I’ve got all that to play with, plus the fact that the houses can exist anywhere, at any time. They’re like lots of boxy, multi-faceted Tardis, spread across space time, places and situations into which I can hook in characters and stories.

I think I’ve stumbled into something that could keep me busy for a few years.

The first two novellas that used the concept, BROKEN SIGIL and PENTACLE were both well received. There’s two novels coming from DarkFuse that expand the idea further, SONGS OF DREAMING GODS, where a house is lying empty in the town center of St. Johns, Newfoundland after a brutal ritual murder, and THE BOATHOUSE, where the rooms are on an old whaling boat in a derelict shed and seem connected to an old chess set, and the arrival of a hurricane.

There’s several new short stories coming soon too, all exploring the idea from a different angle, including a new CARNACKI that tells another tale of the Edinburgh house, a prequel of sorts to the story in PENTACLE, another that wonders what would happen if there was such a house on a space station, one set in late-Victorian Whitechapel, and yet another that takes place in Roman times, in a fort on Hadrian’s Wall.

I’ve also got an idea for a big honking fantasy trilogy using the concept, but that’ll have to wait until the idea develops a bit better and I’ve got time to do it justice.

This latest one I’m about to head into has a burglar entering the wrong room at the wrong time. That’s about all I’ve got so far, but I’m keen to get going and see where it takes me.

Wish me luck, I’m about to knock on the door.

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Something is feeding, ravenously, on animals, wildlife, and now people in the Scottish Highlands, and the trail leads to only one place, a place of legends, and the dark waters of Loch Ness.
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“People should learn to live in the now. They spend all their time thinking about past glories and worrying about the future. Meanwhile all the moments of spontaneity and beauty they’ll ever have in their lives are flitting from future into past without being noticed. That’s why there are so many grumpy assholes in the world”
William Meikle

“I write to escape. I haven't managed it yet, but I'm working on it”
William Meikle

“he settled down in his favorite armchair and read. Soon he was lost to all else but the rhythm of the words talking to him across the centuries.”
William Meikle, Night of the Wendigo

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Dianne Ascroft,
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