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August 16, 2010

rainy, stormy, very humid, temps 25


Wow, were we pooped! Sort of giddy. The flight was perfect...and not really all that long from Vancouver to Montreal. We were lucky the festival paid for the upgrade to - not business class - but the next best thing...the emergency exit seats. Air Canada, like many carriers, is now charging for the extra legroom seats...which is fine with me. Means we're guaranteed to get them, if we book early enough. but air Canada is so cheap I suspect if a...
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Published on August 16, 2010 08:04 • 31 views

August 14, 2010

sunny, hot, temps 30

Very hot, by Vancouver standards. Gorgeous day. Woke up to very loud sounds coming from outside our window. Since there's not much there except water we were a little baffled until we noticed...fins! A dorsal fin...two, three...and arched backs. A pod of dolphins was playing right outside our window! We didn't realize it at the time, but learned later that this is an extremely rare sighting. It was just after 6am. We threw on some clothes and ran out onto the balco...
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Published on August 14, 2010 21:01 • 27 views

August 13, 2010

Brilliant sunshine, hot, temps 28

Gorgeous day!!! Yesterday was hectic and tiring, but let me tell you a little about it. Started with our last breakfast at the fabulous A Place by the Sea. then frenzied packing - and Nancy came and got us for the cruise - which was captained by her husband Shay (pronounced Shy). He was wonderful...very funny, passionate, knowledgable, and we had great confidence in him. He's from Israel - was 6 years in the army - now has 2 grown sons and wanted to get t...
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Published on August 13, 2010 16:21 • 25 views

August 11, 2010

mainly sunny, mild, temps 25

Clearing up and getting warmer. Great sleep last night after the barbeque. As it turned out, in the past they've had a salmon BBQ but have now decided the logistics are just too great - so it was terrific burgers, and salads and fruit, and cake.

Lonnie and Susan - our guardians - came and picked us up, looked after us, and dropped us off. Funny how close you get to people who had been perfect strangers, when thrust together in an event. A shared, unusual, expe...
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Published on August 11, 2010 17:53 • 25 views

August 10, 2010

mainly sunny, mild, temps 23

As you can see, the sun has come out. This was my office this morning. Michael and I sat on the dock of our Bed and Breakfast here in Sechelt, sipping coffee and each reading our manuscripts. And glancing out at this view. A heron came and sat on the swimming dock beside us.

Very peaceful, gentle day.

Had a short nap this afternoon. Read 50 pages of the third draft. Reads well, so far. Making lots of notes, but nothing major. So far no structural or prof...
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Published on August 10, 2010 16:25 • 20 views

August 9, 2010

overcast, rain, now mostly sunny and warm, temps 25

We're in British Columbia, in Sechelt, on the Sunshine Coast. If Marjorie can figure out how to add the photo I sent (and she put up on my Facebook page) it would go beautifully here! It was taken this morning - when the rain was just about to begin. They get a lot of rain in Vancouver, but not much here...the name is meant to be description, apparently, not ironic! It was sunny and hot all july. Too sunny and hot. Forest fires broke ou...
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Published on August 09, 2010 14:49 • 24 views

August 8, 2010

partly cloudy, muggy, temps 26

Had a fabulous time at Stratford. A little nerve-wracking before - but often is. Nerves. Wracking. The theatre was sold out - which always feels great. it was decided I'd go first - and Giles Blunt would go second. I'm happy with that - get it out of the way, then I can just sit and enjoy. I relaxed about halfway through the first reading. Basically, Giles and I were each given 20 minutes to read - then there' be 20 minutes for questions from the audience...
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Published on August 08, 2010 07:59 • 28 views

August 5, 2010

mainly sunny, humid, sticky day. warm temps 29

Exciting day! It started with the most wonderful breakfast with our friend Myrna. A large black woman who is a psychologist in Montreal. Sound familiar? her last name is Lashly. Not Landers. So you can see she absolutely did not inspire me to create the large black woman named Myrna who lives in Three Pines!

OK. I lied. She did. We adore Myrna, and when it came time to create the Three Pines characters I chose Myrna first, because I lo...
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Published on August 05, 2010 17:05 • 22 views

August 4, 2010

party cloudy, humid, warm, temps 27

Quiet day in Montreal, spent reading Michael's manuscript - The Halo Effect - on the balcony. Eating ripe mango. What a fabulous book Michael's written, about screening for childhood cancer and the race to cure neuroblastoma. And how what they learned affects us all, whether it's screening for breast cancer, or prostate, or any kind. He manages to take us into the labs, the bedside, the minds of the doctors and researchers, and the hearts of the patients...
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Published on August 04, 2010 11:53 • 33 views

August 3, 2010

rain, heavy at times, humid, temps 25

We spent the morning with Jacques and Louise at the Granby Hospital. Funny, but as soon as we walked through the door into the Palliative Care wing we could feel a peace. Not necessarily a personal peace, but it felt like a sigh. The colours were warm and muted, there was no rush, no bright lights and hubbub. Just calm.

We found Jacques' room. He was asleep. Louise had been there earlier and had gone home for a few minutes. It was just past 9am. J...
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Published on August 03, 2010 12:04 • 19 views

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