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May 12, 2014

Dear Possible Readers,

My apologies for the long winded "Under Construction Site," I am still currently working on my blog, website, and all pages.

I am in plans on sharing all my plans with you all very soon.

In the mean time.....Instead of the "Under Construction," here is something little on my projects that I have been working on.....

Once the site is up in running completely, I will have a better explanation on all of my changes. ;)

Page 1 - A little Art work.....A book in the making.....these words are not actually in the book.....just a *sample.*


Page 2 on this Project....Again - the words are only a SAMPLE........Stay tuned, I will fill you all in shortly.   Thank  you so much, I just wanted to share a little piece that holds a special place in my heart.  Happy Reading and Writing, J.T. Brown   
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April 9, 2014

Thank you all for your patience!!!

The site will be back up shortly!

Happy Writing and Reading,

J.T. Brown
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January 4, 2014

Dear Possible Readers,
My blog has taken a great hit of Maine recently. We have been hit apron and hit again with ice storms and snow storms, causing power and internet outages. I have failed to update my blogs and such, instead I have been taking the time of my batteries on my computer writing my next reads. 
Let me fill you in on what I have been up too.
First off, I have been invited to write a medieval thriller romance piece with a very talented author. At first I was not sure about writing adult fiction, but as I got to know the characters and the plot. I found great comfort on giving it a try. I am writing this piece with Helena Sustaita, which has written the writes of “The Legends of South Haven,” series. She has invited me to write Book one of the series with her.
I have set up a different pen name to protect my children readers and jumped on the literary train with her. We have a busy month ahead preparing for our editor to complete the book through February. We are looking at a March or April Release of “Spirit Untamed.”
Also, I must add all of the great stuff happening with “The Reversing World’s Trilogy,” I have taken the last few months and queried out my work, whereas my time is getting very limited on marketing and such. Truth is playing life and an author leaves me very little time to spread the word about my work. So I have received a lot of “No’s,” as well as some “Maybe’s” and some, “Yes’s.” The first yes, I received, I truly didn’t see it as Harper’s home so I regretfully turned them down, Realizing that I need agent to represent my many works published and in the works. I have had some contracts looked over and are still are deciding of the right home for Harper and the Reversing Worlds.  I will keep my readers informed when the right decision is made.
This is giving me the time needed to write “Spirit Untamed,” as my choices of the Trilogy are being decided.
This all being said, I am taking a month off from all networking as I have a ton of work to do between writing, overlooking contracts and getting ready for the next upcoming release.
What you will see in 2014 from me, I see at least three releases coming your way.
As soon as my work is finished I will update you all,
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my work and the continued support from friends and family,
Happy Reading and Writing,
J.T. Brown
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December 19, 2013

Dear Possible Readers,

We just received another donation for our Christmas Mission. This is a wonderful dear book called - "Pie an Old Brown Horse." Author and dear friend Kandy Kay Scaramuzzo.

Kandy is a very talented writer and she really has written Pie's story to perfection. True Story and a Beautiful Tale about Pie's life. Pie is still with Kandy and he is a wonderful horse full of inspiration.
Also, this book has been voted for Readers' Favorite Book Award winner. ;) Congrats to both Kandy and Pie for all of their success.

You can find out more information on Pie on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Pie-Brown-Horse-Knows-Doing/dp/1478720476/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1387508478&sr=1-1&keywords=pie+an+old+brown+horse

Thank you so much Kandy for your wonderful book and thank you even more for signing it for the Maine readers.

We love you lots!!!

J.T. and Madison

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December 16, 2013

  Dear Possible Readers,
I have been so busy, when the time is right I will be filling you in…..
It is Christmas Time, How about some stories……
Copyright © J.T. Brown 2013
Three Dreams of Christmas
Copyright © 2013 J.T. Brown



All Rights Reserved:
This includes the right to reproduce this book, or portions thereof, in any form. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any manner whatsoever without written permissions from the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Please purchase only authorized electronic editions.
Work of Fiction:
This short story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used in fiction and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, alive or dead, actual events, locals or organizations is it entirely coincidence.


All rights are reserved. Not a part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission from the author.

Three Dreams of Christmas……
                Aaron sat out his window, looking over the busy street below. Everyone was bundle up tight and shivering along to their next destination. He rolled his eyes at the thought of the cold. “If only it would snow.” He said out loud, as his mother walked into the room.
                “Me too, Aaron, I would like the thoughts of a white Christmas as well.” She smiled as she tossed his clothes on his bed. “Time to get ready for school.”
                He rolled his eyes as his pesky sister, skipped in the hallway past his bedroom, singing Jingle Bells. He walked up to his door and slammed it shut. He was bothered by his sister’s pep, he didn’t understand her excitement Christmas only came once a year. Why all the bother, why all the pep. He tossed his clothes on and headed down stairs.
                “The bus! Hurry!” his mother kissed them both and off to school they went.
                Aaron, stared out the bus’s window as his thoughts scrambled through his mind. He was envisioning DVD players, Ipods, Ipads, and laptops. He didn’t understand his younger sister’s Christmas list, she wants dolls and puffy pajamas. He wants to show his friends up at school, that Santa could bring him the best and much better items then them. Although he was not at all good this year, but in his thoughts every child should receive their wish list. He remembered the times that he would lock his sister in the scary basement or when he would toss his sister’s favorite bear out the window during a snow storm. He knew he shouldn’t have, but it was fun to see his family stir in anger and disappointment. That teddy bear was no good to him anyway.
                His sister drives him nuts and how his parents would always takes her side. He always wanted to pay her back, even though she was five years younger than him.  When she pushed him and tossed a hard toy his way, and of course began to cry, screaming for mom and dad. Aaron was mad that he was told to go to his room for a timeout, he wanted to get even.
                After the night subsided, he went to the bathroom, and poured his Elmer’s glue through his sister’s hairbrush, knowing that she would get real mad knowing her princess hair would be stuck together. He giggled and tossed himself back into his bed.
                In the morning, as the family rushed around the bathroom to get ready for work, school, and daycare; Aaron watched his mother brush his sister’s hair with the brush that he tangled with the night before. He was feeling a bit guilty as his mother was struggling to pull the brush out of her head. The more she brushed the more his sister’s hair turned into a rat’s nest.
                “Get to the bus, you have done enough here!” His mother demanded.
                Those words haunted him, when he knew he went way too far. Santa comes to everyone, Right?
                The bus pulls up to the school’s front door as the door opens. They all head to their school rooms listening to their teacher preach to them of hanging up their coats and taking off their winter boots. Aaron rolls his eyes at the same old speech, as if they didn’t know the rules. He chose to keep on his jacket, knowing that his teacher would toss a fit at his non-habit behavior. He pushed himself in his seat to watch her crawl with frustration. He smiles knowing that it all would hit the fan any second.
                “Aaron, take off your coat?”  
                Rolling his eyes he made it to his cubby to exchange his outer wear, for a sweatshirt.
                He scrolled back across the floor, and plants himself back in his seat.
                “Know let’s begin, shall we.”
                His teacher stared at him as though she was warning him with her eyes.
                He understood, he pushed her over the limit; trying not to smile as he hid behind, his morning bad attitude.
                “I have a very important assignment for you all, where the Christmas season is here, we must remember the ones that are less fortunate and look for a Christmas joy, today we are creating cards to the ones that need Christmas the most. We talked about the ones in war, and how they fight every day for not only you and I, and most importantly our country…..and I was thinking that it would be a fun project to make cards for them. I also sent your parents a note home to see if they could bake some goods to send along with our letters. I would like you all, to thank our troops in a homemade Christmas card. We have two days to complete our gift. I am giving you all an hour this morning to talk about what you want to send and what you want to thank them for. “ She stood strong in front of the class.
                Aaron rolls his eyes, tossing the stock paper aside.
                “Aaron, what is the problem!” She demanded.
                “I just thought that Christmas was full of presents and treats, what happened to the Christmas parties?” He kicked his feet together.
                “Aaron…..Aaron, my…..my, I am so disappointed. Christmas is about giving to other, not receiving, it’s about reaching out to others that you care about.
                “I don’t know these people!”
                “You should they fight for your freedom every day, they don’t get to spend Christmas with their families because they are too busy making sure all of us have a safe Christmas!”  She paused in anger. “Actually mister, pick up your crayons and card stock, I am thinking that working quietly in the library will be a less disruption for the class.”
                She walks toward him helping him with his things.
                “Annabelle, I am leaving you in charge, in the meantime I would like you to share who you are writing your letter too dear,” as they walked out of the room Aaron could hear her tell the students about writing a letter to her daddy.
                “I am sorry Mrs.  Lander,” he pleaded knowing that he was in huge trouble.
                “Mr. Aaron, your actions this morning was very inconsiderate to the class, because they would like to make someone’s Christmas special. I need you to work on your card, and please no goofing off.”
                She left the room, as Aaron planted himself in the chair spreading his crayons along the table top. He took out the green crayon as he scribbled “Merry Christmas” across the front, and opened up the card and wrote from: Aaron. “There, that wasn’t so hard.” He spoke out loud to see that the room was empty.
                He curled up his arms on the table nesting his head inside.
                He was shook awake by Mrs. Lander.
                “Mr. is this all you have to say in your card?” She asked with a disappointed look.
                “Yes!” He gathered himself up angry that he had fallen asleep at school.
                He follows her back to the classroom as he saw all of his classmates lined up to go home for the day. Scrambling and pushing his stuff in his bag. He stood behind Annabelle, noticing that she wouldn’t even look at him.
                He watched out the window knowing that his parents would get a call from Mrs. Lander once again. He was trying to figure out a story to sugar coat the situation. He saw his parents standing at the end of the driveway.  He wanted to hide under the seat, and pretend that he didn’t get on the bus.
                With one deep breath he walked himself down the bus steps. He did not get a hello, nor even a smile. The walk towards the house seemed like it took forever, as he pushed the door open, trying to make a quick escape to his room. His father pulled on his arm, with a disgusted look.
                “Sit!” He pulls out a chair at the kitchen table.
                “Look son, I know your mother and I work a lot, and you don’t have much time with us, I am not sure if you are acting out trying to get our attention or if you are just angry at the world?”  His father paused, still not making eye contact. “Son, your bad behavior lately has been over the top. First your sister and now what Mrs. Lander told us.”
                His father sat in silence for a moment and looked straight at him.
                “Aaron….son….Your mother and  I sent a letter to Santa, telling him that you have far too much to learn to see the magic of Christmas, we asked him not to come for you this year. Your behavior cannot be awarded with the Christmas joy.” He reached for his hand.
                The tears overwhelmed his eyes, tossing his father’s hand, running as fast as he could to his room. He pushed his desk in front of his door and buried himself under his covers. He sobbed and sobbed, hearing his mother’s voice on the other side of the door.
                “Aaron, I am sorry, but your father and I both agreed that this was the right punishment.” She knocked on the door one last time. “I love you sweetheart, more than you will ever know.”
                Aaron grabs an extra pillow, to cover his head. He continued to sob, as he found himself in a deep sleep, jolting himself awake to push the pillows off. Too see only darkness, he looked on his I pod, to see that it was midnight.
                He stood up to push of his clothes to put on his pajamas, still angered at his parents’ punishment. Looking down buttoning up his last button, he looked up and turned on his star display light. He stood back up to feel a tap on his shoulder.
Stay tuned…..more Christmas Stories coming your way……
Happy Writing & Reading,
J.T. Brown
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December 10, 2013

Fantasy Writer in the Dark....: First Donation!!!!!: Dear Readers, Please read through *Our Christmas Mission* for more details!!!! We got our very first donation for Maine Books for Maine ...
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Dear Readers,

Please read through *Our Christmas Mission* for more details!!!!

We got our very first donation for Maine Books for Maine Kids!!!!!

Thank you so much Leandra Wallace!!!!!
Your caring and loving heart will make a child very happy!!!!
Words can't thank you enough!!!

As you can tell Madison is thrilled in the thoughts of our first donation!!!!

Happy Reading & Writing,
J.T. Brown
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December 2, 2013

Dear Fellow Authors,
                The holiday season are ringing its bells near and far, reminding us all of the misfortunes and heart filled stories of the season.  A particular non-profit organization here in Maine, melts my heart on what they are trying to accomplish. I met this mother/daughter team this past summer, after they invited my daughter to read our book at an event. After the book was read from my daughter and Brianna at a huge event that sent more than a hundred books in kid’s hands. I had a chance to get to know them, and learned of their goals and mission for books. I learned that nine year old Brianna, focuses on getting kids to read. She collects books and donates them around our state, as well as to the kids that are in need. She reads at libraries, schools, and events. After the events she sends each and every child home with a free book. She buys these books with money that the Non-profit organization called, ‘Maine Books for Maine Kids,” raises through fund raisers and such.
                It is incredible to see such a young girl have such passion for literary and the want to pass it along. I watched her donate too many charities and give many books to lots of young readers. This mother and two daughter team have given so much of their selves for this non-profit organization and has created such a vision for so many young readers. The fun that they bring to books, and the adventures that they send to their audiences. Not to mention the smile on the children’s faces when they leave with their very own book. As much as I hate to say it, technology sometimes streams our kids away from the real books. The books that you can smell, the books that you can trace the illustrations with your fingertips. The feeling as though you are there in the book for a quick moment as the story rehearses in your mind.
                I remember cherishing books as a child, and to see other children hold on tight to their new gift, means a lot not only to a writer – but a mother. As a child I could only imagine what it would feel like to have an autographed book, knowing that the creator held it in their hands before mine hit the vast cover of the imaginary magic that was tucked inside. I would be overwhelmed with excitement. All in all, it is a wonderful vision to see books in the hands of a child.
                So here is my mission – After following Maine Books for Maine Kids, and seeing all the work and passion through the world of literary. I want to give them a Christmas gift, a chance to hold many literary gems just waiting to be read by new readers. I would like to give them many books from around the world to help them reach more and more readers. I want to support their mission and help them reach their goals. For I know they have effected many children and they sparked their inner book worm. Sometimes, when someone gives so much, they deserve to a gift in return. But- this gift will keep on giving to the many book readings that they attend, the many libraries that they donate to, the many school that they inspire.
                I would like to present them with autographed books from many children’s authors. I would like their readers to get to know all the wonderful hidden literary gems. For I know that these books will be cherished and passed along. They have helped our book “Gypsy’s Meadow” reach many readers, I would like to give other authors that chance too, it might be a little state in the corner of the United States, but for there are readers waiting to read the magic through the creations of new authors.
                My daughter and I are setting up a Book Drive for Maine Books for Maine Kids. Our Christmas mission is to find as many autographed children’s books as possible. As, we collect the books we will list them on my blog under the page – “Our Christmas Mission.” If you are interested in donating your wonderful Children’s books, please email me at j.t._brown@hotmail.com
                I know this mission is not for everyone, but we are in hopes of spreading the word for authors as well as celebrating the passion of books with Maine Books for Maine Kids. You book must be aimed for children 0-to young adult of age. Please take a peek of the clip from our local news channel to get to know Brianna’s story. http://wabi.tv/2013/11/26/baileyville-girl-holds-holiday-book-drive/  You can also find them on Facebook. Give them some love and learn more about their mission at this link: https://www.facebook.com/MaineBooksForMaineKids?ref=br_tf
                I thank you all greatly for your consideration. Please pass this message along, and help make a Christmas for many children magical. We will be closing this mission on 12/20/2013 to be able to get everything together in time for Christmas. My daughter and I have three weeks to pull this off – wishing I thought of this surprise sooner. Even a few books would be amazing. J
Here is all the information again:
My email: j.t._brown@hotmail.com
My Blog that I will list all the donations on:
Maine Books for Maine Kids:
News Clip:
This is a Christmas Surprise for this Mother/Daughter Team. We are in hopes to make their Christmas and their good deeds magical.
Thank you so much, and I hope your holiday season treats you well,
J.T. Brown
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October 18, 2013

Fantasy Writer in the Dark....: Halloween Book Sale!!!: Dear Possible Readers, Grab your copies of The Reversing World's Trilogy for only $1.99!!! Act fast, offer ends 11/01/2013!!!! h...
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Published on October 18, 2013 06:29 • 53 views
Dear Possible Readers,

Grab your copies of The Reversing World's Trilogy for only $1.99!!! Act fast, offer ends 11/01/2013!!!!


Happy Reading and Writing,

J.T. Brown

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