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February 10, 2018

Living in a bubble - Can any of us truly consider alternative truth?

I live in a bubble. It has taken me a long time to realise it, and even longer to admit it, but nevertheless, the bubble covers my entire life. And guess what? You have a bubble of your very own. In the modern world where we are subject to personally targeted content and opinion every day, it is impossible not to be.

We are surrounded by likeminded people on our multiple social media pages, and we forget what the world is really like. We are sure that our opinions must be right, because the pages we see and the news we hear generally agrees with us. As a progressive 30 something, left leaning, non-religious, university educated, lower-middle class Australian; I sometimes see a clip of a pastor preaching an anti-gay message, or some white-supremacist spouting about the latest group of people they have decided to hate, or some right wing politician gaining a parliamentary seat and wonder 'how did this happen' or 'I can't believe people see the world this way. Don't they know that conservatism is going to lead to a backward society where we are still run by religiously based social rules and nothing ever changes about how we feel about each other?' and 'they obviously don't understand.'

The fact I feel that way is not really the problem, it is how I feel, and I am entitled to hold my own beliefs as much as anyone else. But, what I do not automatically think about is the perspective of the situation. I am comfortable in my bubble, my social group are all like me and because this is all I see, I feel like the majority of the world is also like me. But when forced to step outside that bubble, discomfort ensues. Forcing myself to acknowledge that my bubble may not be the dominant, true or right is confronting and challenging.

It is important to seek out a variety of views in order to challenge our own, or we get stuck in bubbles and start unnecessary conflicts. This was a major catalyst of writing 'The Victory Perspective'. Personally, I don't believe in God, I don't understand why people do believe in God, but hey, that is their own business. So long as you don't bomb my house for believing differently to you, I have no problem with you. But, what I do struggle with, is why so many of us purely accept what we are told, taking it on with no questions, simply because it is? This is true for many of us, religious, non-religious, educated or not, we all take on truth without question.

The Victory Perspective takes the creation story known by everyone and turns it into a confronting view of humanity that will force you to question how you have previously viewed this story. A harrowing account of the human condition that transcends time and setting, the only ultimate truth, is that our lives are hard no matter where we came from and who's side we should be on.

You might like this book, because it speaks to you, because you have questioned a lot of things about human life. You might struggle with it because it is confronting to think outside the bubble, or you might hate it and feel that it attacks all you believe in.

Whichever you are, your perspective may well be challenged, but that challenge is something we owe ourselves.
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Published on February 10, 2018 00:19

Thoughts on beliefs

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