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February 18, 2018

Trying to read at night and write daily.

I've been trying to multitask and failing miserably! LOL! We have been busy writing Cocktailing, (K.I. Lynn and me :D) during the day and I've been dying to read as well, but have not had time. The flu made it's way to my house. Boo! Not happy and now trying to keep the germs away from myself... Not happening I'm sure! LOL Pray for me.

Anywho, Started reading Spiders in The Grove by J.A.Redmerski and OMG!! I love love love this series! Anyone else read it? So good! So tonight, that is my plan. Tomorrow I go back to writing Camron and Aly's story with my writing buddy. ;) We have been scratching our heads at these two. SMH They're both just crazy! HAHA! Can't wait till you get your hands on them so you can see for yourself. ;)
Also, before I forget! I wanted to say thank you to all that bought and reviewed Cocksure. We both appreciate it so so much!

We have gotten so much positive feedback from so many readers through email, messages, and tags on different social media platforms and truly we are just so happy that so many love Niko and Ev's story. Thank you! It means the world to both of us!

Well, that's it for now... I'm not much for posting, but I'm going to try and check in more often :D Feel free to nudge me if I slack! LOL
Happy Reading!!!!
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Published on February 18, 2018 18:04 Tags: cocksure, cocktailing