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April 9, 2020

Peace Is

Is always
For each
And everyone
You look

Serendipity Happens
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Published on April 09, 2020 04:53 Tags: peace-within

April 3, 2020

What Is

Serendipity Happens

What is love?
Love does not bring
Something different,
It brings the same
Life experience, the same
Reflections of your own
State of Mind.
Love has nothing
To do with money,
Because love
Cannot be bought.
The reason to being
Is the same reason as being
Together ...
To realize Truth, Love life,
And experience happiness.
Life is love, Love is life,
What else is there?
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Published on April 03, 2020 13:16 Tags: love-life-experience-happiness

March 18, 2020

Cosmic CAVE Consciousness!

Serendipity Happens

Yes! That's what it is! "Cosmic CAVE Consciousness!" ... these days worldwide we are advised to 'self isolate' and basically keep a low profile! My place is, in reality, my writer's studio ... perfectly furnished with old wooden desk, contemporary computer, ink pens, and plentiful piles of blank paper ... paper, just dreaming to be filled with thoughtful words of wisdom.

Here in my blissful solitude, I take best care of my health by avoiding ... people ... and the flu virus which has now become a pandemic. So, I reach out to each one of you through the written word, as I envision a world transformed through our current health challenge into a new earth of peace, prosperity, and happiness for one and all.

As humanity becomes more quiet I notice mother earth begins to heal. Some waters have become clear again, swans and dolphins have returned to places they long ago fled due to noise and pollution. A new more healthy and natural harmony emerges ... and for this I feel ... peace! Serendipity Happens
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Published on March 18, 2020 14:54

December 8, 2019

Heart & Soul

Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison
Sage incense drifts in evening candlelight. Soft scent of Sweet Grass mingles with billows of swirling Lavender. Essence of meadow's earthy freedom sleeps in blissful dream. Entwined dance of sunlight and snow, silver moonlight and ebony ... nighttime stillness ... as candlelight and incense drift in quiet wondrous harmony. Reflections of a Higher Light flow from depths of Heart & Soul. Eternal Song Divine sings of everlasting life ... I can hear this wondrous song of silence ... as a golden spark of Infinite love warms my heart to the very depths of Soul. My long time friend will begin her journey sometime soon ... she will drift into the Heavens ... softly like sweet incense. My heart feels sorrow since I will miss her dearly. Yet, there is a silver lining. We both know of Serendipity ... of Divine Timing ... about how moments of utmost significance happen at just the right time ... a journey we will all take when the time is right ... Both of us find comfort in knowing she will be free from suffering, and her life will go on ... her unique Soul transformed into a new beginning in another realm. My heart feels gratitude for her presence in my life ... whether she is on this side or the other side. Soon she will cross the great bridge to the sweet hereafter. Then, when I am meditative ... in stillness, I will feel her presence ... like soft, subtle incense of Sage, Sweet Grass and Lavender ... she will live on ... in Light of Love Divine ... dear, sweet friend of Heart & Soul ...
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Published on December 08, 2019 06:17

August 3, 2019

Serendipity Happens / Indigo Manuscript part 1 & 2

Serendipity Happens by Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison

"Serendipty Happens" - Visionary Fiction, Romance
- excerpt p. 140

Indigo Manuscript
- Part One-

Third Dimensional Living is driven by ego, which results in self-righteousness, pride, arrogance, jealousy, ignorance, and fear. The predominant motivation is gain for recognition and profit. Human activities are pursued to support human existence, which results in preoccupation with the self, status, wealth, power, and materialism. The emergent understanding is that we are individuals who are responsible for our own individual achievements, and that we have no further responsibility beyond this.


Indigo Manuscript
- Part Two -

Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Living is driven by transcendence of ego, which results in seeing love in all things, and to radiate unconditional love both individually and collectively. The intention is a commitment to promoting others achieving a positive reality along with you, and therefore support, and information is shared freely. The emergent understanding is that individuals are responsible for each other while creating community growth.
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Published on August 03, 2019 14:41

July 24, 2019

A Mid Summer's Day

Serendipity Happens by Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison
Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison
Serendipity Happens
A mid summer's day and church bells ring a dozen times at high noon ... into timelessness. Here I AM, by an open door, listening to the song of my soul. Sunlight shines through threshold space into liminal zone. I feel only bliss. As I ponder my life's experiences and messages, heart and soul awaken into ... threshold space ... visionary state of being ... creative, open space. Serenity of peaceful mind drifts into the ever present moment, where everything is ambience of stillness ... where the mood of everyday ordinary meets wonderful Oneness Divine. I listen contemplatively to eternal melody of church bell's song ... my experience of harmony within stillness is profound. Into foreverness of this wonderous moment I will always be ... as I feel ever more passionately the song of my soul.
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Published on July 24, 2019 09:31

April 24, 2019

Walls and Open Doors

Serendipity Happens by Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison

Serendipity Happens

... It's true! Sometime along the way each one of us is confronted with a 'wall' on our journey in life. What to do? At first I just stand there and look at the wall in utter disbelief since once again a wall has appeared upon my path. I stand there somewhat frozen gazing at the enormity of this wall. It seems to appear out of nowhere. Especially shocking to me since I know I have mastered the last wall on my path. With the last wall I had found the open door! Because I had mastered that wall, I believe in my mastery! With such mastery I mistakenly think I will never see a wall again. I remember with that last wall, once I found the open door I was on my way again. On my way with open horizons as far as I can see! Indeed, somehow I think experiencing the alchemy of this open door beyond the confines of the last wall would bring a masterful consciousness of never seeing a wall ever again on my path! Much to my surprise another wall appears only a few days ago! And here I am in shock, frozen, not knowing what to do!!! But just now I see a butterfly. As I remember about universal messages I follow this butterfly. This butterfly seems to be taking me somewhere. I think this butterfly must be a sign. I like to follow signs. Signs have always taken me to wonderful places. In following the butterfly I ponder about how life is like a Labyrinth with intricate passageways nuanced with the complex and subtle. Endless meanders! I do not feel perplexed anymore. I feel free. Free, yet not knowing where it might lead, I follow life's messages! I realize the butterfly has led me around the wall, into an open vista of emerald rolling hills shining in the golden sun. Golden sun beyond the wall. I feel free. Discovery of the open door. I feel gratitude for the butterfly. Alchemy of transformation! Serendipity Happens
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Published on April 24, 2019 06:15

March 11, 2019

REVIEWS for Serendipity Happens

Serendipity Happens

As the Author of Serendipity Happens I'm feeling over-the-top thrilled with the great response to my new book!

1. 5.0 out of 5 stars CAPTIVATING!
“WOW! You captured the intensity and magnetism of sex, its power to draw people together starting with the first chapter. HOW did you do that? And right off too. I felt like I was a teenager again.
But I know there's more behind that sex. The book promises a journey. A meeting of souls. That's what really interests me.” - Virginia Frances Schwartz, Author
New York, New York, U.S.A.

2.Wow! I started to read the first chapter! I had no idea!!! ... the detail ... the description!!! I couldn't get up off the couch!! - Rick L., Hamilton, ON.

3. I am enjoying your book. I've read four chapters so far. Too cold to go out today so perhaps I will get some reading time. - Linda, Calgary, AB.

4. I read the first chapter last night and really enjoyed it. Haven't had a chance to read today but I will get to it later ... I am enjoying it very much! - Beverley M., Stoney Creek, ON.

5."I just finished reading your new book, Serendipity Happens. What a beautiful story. The story just got better with every page I turned. I absolutely loved it. It clearly depends on the reader if you would classify this book as fiction or non-fiction. As I am a true believer of the universe and spirituality.
This book is so well written and keeps the attention of the reader. You can't even guess what the author was going to say next. I was completely blown away by the intelligence of the author. This book was "Mind Blowing."
I look forward to reading more of Deborah A. Morrison's books. I don't think I have ever finished a book this fast. It certainly left me wondering what was going to happen next. "Such a beautiful story." Thank you, Deb, for sharing your heart with all of us, and Congratulations, on your well earned degrees!" - Linda K, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

6. "I finished reading your book. The ending took me by surprise which is always a good thing. I totally enjoyed it. Good work!! " - Beverley M.
Serendipity Happens

7. “Inspiration and Entertaining - Deborah Morrison’s new book is like taking a ride on a magic carpet. By intertwining wisdom throughout this ride Deborah teaches and enlightens us while simultaneously capturing our imaginations. Our heroine brings us back to the realities of our existence then by her actions shows us ways to progress through them towards a higher vibration and a clearer understanding. Truly inspirational and entertaining. I was thinking about the book in between reads— was it the suspense or the new knowledge.? Probably both.” - Amazon verified purchaser
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Published on March 11, 2019 09:28

February 27, 2019


WHERE'S SERENDIPITY??? ... Serendipity Happens by Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison ... Beverley sent me a text late yesterday evening ... "I tracked the book, "Serendipity Happens" & it says it was delivered yesterday! I just got off the phone with Amazon. I'm going to try to catch the mailman tomorrow & see if he maybe put it in my neighbour's box! I told Amazon that I want it replaced if I cannot track it down!!! I've known the Author since we were kids & I want to read this book!!!" .... I sent a text to Beverley right away, "Amazon always delivers when they say Delivered! ... Now you're CHASING SERENDIPITY! Keep me posted!" .... Beverley told me very clearly, "Yes, I'm CHASING SERENDIPITY!!! ... I'm on a mission to FIND SERENDIPITY!!!" ... I replied, "I hope everything turns around tomorrow ... this would make a great beginning for a movie ... CHASING SERENDIPITY" ... Beverley texted, "As long as it's followed with a good ending!!!" ... It was near midnight when Beverley called me with the good news, "I just have to tell you ... I FOUND SERENDIPITY!!! Somehow there must have been a mix up in the mailboxes! I checked early evening & it wasn't there! When I checked again in my mailbox, there it was!!!" I told her, "There's some kind of mystery going on!!! But, SERENDIPITY always shows up by surprise!!! It shows up when you least expect it!!!" ... I'm so happy Beverley now has her book SERENDIPITY HAPPENS & she can begin reading it today while being snowed in yet again!!!
Serendipity Happens
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Published on February 27, 2019 04:43

February 10, 2019

"Serendipity Happens" ... Chpt. 1, excerpt

Serendipity Happens by Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison

Chapter 1
It was a dark indigo summer’s night … with a full blue moon, eclipsed by sullen gray of clouds. Late into June with early beginnings of summer, and it was scorching, sultry. Heavy air wrapped itself like a thick blanket around her. Again, he firmly pressed his lips on hers and kissed her once more … she sighed. He was her Knight in shining armor, and she was graceful in his arms.
His heart melted like butter in silver warm moonlight—yet they were surrounded by indigo skies—helplessly they fell into loving embrace. With his gentle touch … a shared, sudden rush of passion.
It was their destined first day together … fate. Stars aligned and their paths crossed—star-crossed lovers—having met only hours ago. They didn’t really know one another, yet paradoxically they felt more familiar in each others arms than anywhere else.
Except for destined, magnetic attraction—a powerful lure that gave such an overwhelming pull of familiarity, they had much to learn about one another. He felt somewhat devious. After all, they were at a convent. Yet, he knew their embrace was more … so much more than just a lustful kiss. He was sure of this.
She was bewildered. Her usual style was to take her own sweet time, and really get to know him first—so she could feel sure. Then she would be able to discern who he was as a person and who they were to one another in relationship together. But, he already knew she was … the one! Love at first sight! He was optimistically, optimistic! She had suffered deep disappointment with love in the past—she was cautiously open to loving again. She was pessimistically optimistic … but interpreted this to be … Realistic!
Only a few hours earlier and … at his request, in the late afternoon, they decided to set up a treasure hunt for children of families camping at the convent for the annual spiritual family retreat. Their entire afternoon was dedicated to creating signs in the meadow with clues and messages for the children to follow in their quest of finding the treasure.
“Kinda’ like when you look for signs from above to guide you on your journey in life,” he laughed. “That’s what I do in my life all the time,” he told her, and smiled, “I’m on my journey, the sun is shining brightest golden ever, the birds are singing, everything is rhythm, and here we are, just the two of us, with you in my arms!”
“Oh, to bare your Soul!” she exclaimed, shooting her words, like arrows across the meadows—and she smiled as she gazed into his loving eyes, “Eyes are the windows to the Soul,” she said, “if we can but see clearly.” She looked at him deeply … inquisitively … wondering if somehow he perceived with depth too, and perhaps with a knowing more expansive and uplifted consciousness than she possessed. “Could it be that he is even more ahead of his time than I,” she thought.
"Sometimes it's all just too puzzling. Like the universe is throwing pieces of the puzzle of life at you ... and somehow you're supposed to put it all together and figure it out!" she said, feeling somewhat perplexed! ... Serendipity Happens by Deborah Morrison / Deborah A. Morrison
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Published on February 10, 2019 09:50