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Anybody who’s read Goan Chase’s synopsis knows it’s about a beachside holiday gone wrong. Funny thing is, it was never meant to.

While plotting the book, I had no intention of basing the story in a vacation spot. My protagonists, Jai, Nirvaan, and Ayesha are born-and-bred in a city and I wanted to keep the mystery as realistic as possible. But, as the plot developed, it demanded the setting be changed to a beach/beachside villa. And as the book progressed, the setting became a character in itself, living and breathing and eventually engulfing the teenagers in a mystery they never intended to be a part of.

Just like life, right? Sometimes, you end up where you never imagined yourself to end up, and sometimes, it’s for the better.
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Published on May 29, 2017 01:08 • 46 views • Tags: books-for-teens, indian-author, mystery, mystery-for-teenagers, suspense, young-adult-author, young-adult-books
Goan Chase Take Three Mysteries by Richa Sambhy MedirattaThis blog post is dedicated to all the wonderful readers on Goodreads who're participating (eagerly!) in my book giveaways or are adding my book to their to-read shelves or find the book interesting but are kinda undecided if they'll read it or not.
First of all, thanks HEAPS for your interest! And since I promised I'll be short and sweet, I'll get straight to the crux of the Take Three Mysteries series.
Goan Chase is the first book in the young adult mystery series titled Take Three Mysteries. Yes, there will be a baffling mystery to solve in each book of the series, I promise you. But, at its heart, the series is all about three teenagers trying to make sense of their lives and battle their insecurities (like most of us did when we were in our teens). Their lives get entangled in a mystery, and yet, the mystery holds the key, the answer, to their deepest fears, their most pressing questions.
Intrigued? Keep in touch to know more!
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Published on June 05, 2017 21:39 • 17 views • Tags: books-for-teens, fiction, mystery, series, suspense, teenagers, teens, young-adult, young-adult-books
I must admit—I love books that inspire, motivate, or nudge me to take action. And I think the Young Adult genre presents ample opportunity to combine entertainment with inspiration. Not the "you-better-finish-your-veggies" kind of inspiration, but the kind that makes young readers think about their life or decisions, however briefly.
I've always aspired to, and will try to, write fiction that answers a question. Or, that helps a reader believe in herself while others are doubting. Or, that helps a reader understand that it's okay to make mistakes. Or, that encourages a reader to accept himself as he is.
Yes, all of that, but in the garb of an entertaining, engaging, unforgettable read that readers just can't put down!
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Apart from the main protagonists, my next most favorite character in a mystery is the antagonist!
I think a clever (and maybe despicable) antagonist is key to the success of a mystery. It’s sooo important to understand what drives your antagonists, what made them choose a life of crime, and most importantly, what type of crime are they most likely to commit, given their background, past, and personality.
Of course, many criminals in the real world have been victims of irreversible DNA and brain disorders, that made them predisposed to committing crime. But, in fiction, you have the creative license to create antagonists that made the wrong choices or are simply doing what they do because they enjoy being witness to the suffering they cause.
I cannot (and should not) disclose much about the antagonists of the Take Three Mysteries series but one thing is for sure—they’ll keep you at the edge of your seats!
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Published on June 27, 2017 21:24 • 10 views • Tags: antagonists, books-for-teens, crime, criminals, fiction, mystery, series, suspense, teenagers, teens, young-adult, young-adult-books
Hello, dear friends and authors @ Goodreads! Have been out of touch (sorta) but honestly, when you're writing Book No. 2 of your series, there's little scope for staying in touch.
It's like you're constantly alternating between good and bad, sweet and sour (or snappy, in my case). So, when I'm writing drafts, I'm sweet on myself, having drugged my inner critic to sleep.
Then, finally, eventually, invariably, comes the time to edit those drafts. And then, does my inner critic rise or what! I'm doing everything (short of hitting myself) to whip those drafts into shape. I think ... no, I'm sure I resemble one of Stephen King's terrifying monsters (only a bespectacled, frazzled one).
Well, perfection is a tough master and you have got to bow down to it.
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Published on July 30, 2017 22:04 • 17 views • Tags: am-editing, am-writing, books-for-teens, editing, mystery, suspense, writing, writing-fiction, young-adult

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