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November 12, 2019

The Test of Fire!

I just finished reading author William L. Hahn's excellent The Test of Fire, the latest volume in his trilogy, The Tributarians, set in The Lands of Hope.

Mr. Hahn is the official chronicler of The Lands, and does simply a splendid job bringing this fantasy world to life.

This novel tells the story of Querlak Barleybane, an elf, who has purchased a knighthood and taken on lordship of the foef of Mon-Crulbagh which lies in the deep south near the jungles.

It's up to Querlak to make the foef successful or not, and with warring neighbors who claim he's moving the border stones to broaden his holdings, it isn't easy!

Read more on the Bizarre Tales site where more comments and download links will be found.
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Published on November 12, 2019 05:53 Tags: lands-of-hope, test-of-fire, tributarians, william-l-hahn

October 31, 2019

The Indie Showcase

On his website, versatile writer Richard Dee has a page he calls The Indie Showcase where he seeks to shine attention on various Independent Authors who catch his eye.

His latest is author Gilbert M. Stack. I have painted a couple of maps for Mr. Stack (it's a side hobby) and he was gracious enough to mention these efforts in a most complimentary manner for which I am extremely grateful.

Check out this spotlight on one of our fellow Goodread members on Mr. Dee's site.
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Published on October 31, 2019 10:24 Tags: fire-islands, gilbert-m-stack, indie, legionnaire, winterhaven

October 16, 2019

Gilbert M. Stack's Occult-tober

A couple years back fellow author Gilbert M. Stack started a seasonal offering for the month of All Hallows Eve, cleverly calling it Occult-tober.

This year he has released Vol 1 in his new Preternatural series. The first title in the series is The Devil's Caverns .

If folks had any business living in the small Colorado town of Hadrian’s Well, there wouldn’t be a meadow called Dead Man’s Field outside of it. That’s where Deputy Joanna Dawson finds bloody body parts strewn across the ground. She thought that rural Colorado would be safer than Chicago. She’s about to find out she’s wrong.

Read more on Mr. Stack's Facebook page:
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Published on October 16, 2019 08:31 Tags: halloween, occult, october

September 16, 2019

Michael Tierney Interview

Part II of the Michael Tierney Interview was published at the DMR Books Blog this past Friday the 13th!

Following the focus on Edgar Rice Burroughs for the week of ERB's birthday, this second part of the interview focuses on Mike's many facets, touching on his writings, art work, Robert E. Howard, etc.

Read more at Bizarre Tales where a link to the interview at DMR can be found.
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Published on September 16, 2019 10:32 Tags: cirsova, edgar-rice-burroughs, michael-tierney, robert-e-howard, wild-stars

September 9, 2019

The Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology -- an Interview with Mike Tierney

Mike Tierney, whom I met at an ERB convention in 2017, released his epic four-volume set of art books based on the complete works and media of ERB in 2018.

This set covers the pulp magazines, the hardback, paperbacks and comics for the last 100 years and is quite an achievement, let alone an awesome reference for the collector and art lover.

Recently I was asked by DMR Books to interview Mike, who is quite an interesting guy.

Find the link to the interview and other interesting items of note over at the Bizarre Tales site!
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Published on September 09, 2019 08:32 Tags: dmr, edgar-rice-burroughs, michael-tierney

August 21, 2019

Tarzan Rescues the Moon!

I'd fallen behind on updating my News and Items of Note, and had a few interesting things to add.

In addition to a new Fantasy Painting based on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan Rescues the Moon from Jungle Tales of Tarzan (which turned 100 this year), I have been making submissions to the ERB-APA (Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association) and also to The Minunian, a fan-based, fanart/fanzine which is published in small-batch the old-fashioned way by Jason Hardy of the ERBf.a.n. (fan artists network) group on Facebook.

Check out The Minunian submissions for a link to the Facebook group (which you are heartily invited to join, whether or not you're an artist), and the APA submissions for submitted articles and stories. If any of these interest you, shoot me an email; we'll work out a gratis copy in your inbox.

Be sure to check out the new page I added - News and Items of Note Archive. I didn't wish the homepage to become too cluttered, so I keep them to a minimum there, moving the older items to the archive.
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Published on August 21, 2019 08:45 Tags: edgar-rice-burroughs, tarzan-rescues-the-moon

August 12, 2019

Edmond Hamilton and other bits

On our Goodreads group Written Gems, which I co-moderate with authors Gilbert M. Stack and William L. Hahn, we are about to discuss the short story by Edmond Hamilton titled The Stars My Brothers.

This is a very quick and fun read for anyone who wishes to jump in--and we hope you do! To read more, visit the site by clicking the link above where you can find links to free texts, free ebooks, and free audio of this story.

Also, if you are familiar with the Black Lotus card of Magic: The Gathering fame, you might like to see my own artistic rendition of this famous card. The story of how I ended up painting this is also on my Bizarre Tales site on the Fantasy Art Page.

Finally, at long last I have completed a massive editing project (two years worth) where I converted my 3 Barsoom tomes into a 6-volume series, and am able to return to my oft-abandoned Banshee of the Atacama. This is a crucial volume for me, as it officially kicks off my Tales of the Tomahawk as a series, and not just a one-off with The Blonde Goddess of Tikka-Tikka.

I'm super-pumped to be back on the Banshee tale. It's at about 80% complete with over 80k words at this point. In this upcoming volume, we continue to dive into Ansen Grost's mysterious past as we follow in his footsteps on a dark journey into the bowels of a prison made for foul, eldritch gods and demons. Things don't always go well for Ansen, so expect him to be darker and moodier than ever.
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May 30, 2019

Double Star -- Robert A. Heinlein

Author Gilbert M. Stack has begun discussing Heinlein's fabulous Double Star on the Goodreads group -- Written Gems.

We welcome all to come join in the discussion. Whether Heinlein is familiar to you, or you've never before read his works, it's never too late to read (or re-read) this intriguing novel and voice your opinions as Mr. Stack guides us on a course of questions relative to plot and character. All opinions relative to the work are welcome!

For a rundown with links to the Written Gem topics that are currently available for comment, check out the Bizarre Tales Written Gems page.
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May 16, 2019

When Gods get Bored...

What do gods do when they suffer ennui?

Visit the Bizarre Tales site to see what kinds of mischeif gods with too much time on their hands might get into with a poem I wrote last year for SwordsOfREH.

Running across it recently, I thought it might be time to swap out the Poem of the Day/Week/Whatever.

Campfire Star​

Gods of the cosmos gathered round a star,
like cavemen sitting round a fire;
Bored to tears, one spat a quasar,
they watched its dimming glow ‘til it expired......
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Published on May 16, 2019 09:51 Tags: bizarre-tales, clark-ashton-smith, h-p-lovecraft, poetry, robert-e-howard

April 12, 2019

A. Merritt: The Metal Emperor

After being asked by a bud to write another Merritt article with a focus on The Metal Monster, I accepted the challenge.

Wishing to bone up on this crazy-unique classic, I dove headlong into the revamped version released by Hippocampus Press.

Check out the article, plus other updates including a new map for author Gilbert M. Stack by browsing to Bizarre Tales!
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Published on April 12, 2019 08:52 Tags: a-merritt, book-collecting, dmr-books, legionnaire, the-metal-monster

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