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Review of 'Make Me', by Lee Child.

Make Me (Jack Reacher #20) Make Me by Lee Child

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Not my favourite book by Lee Child.
In this novel Jack Reacher bangs about for quite a while trying to find the meaning of the name of a small community called Mother's Rest, where he arrives off the train. It is an outpost centred at the intersection of the railroad and a long, straight road that disappears to a vanishing point at each end.
At the outset of the novel, a private investigator, Keever, is disposed of after being murdered. His demise does not become apparent until the latter part of the novel, only that he has gone missing. Early on, Reacher teams up with the PI's female colleague, Michelle Chang, and they come head-to-head with some bad guys who Reacher soon sorts out. More bad guys remain; The question is, what are they up to?
'200 deaths' is the focus of a written message that Reacher and Chang find. What is the meaning of the message?
Late in the novel, this becomes obvious and one realises that the nasty guys are REALLY nasty and need sorting out . . . QUICK.
In this, Jack comes into his own and one is grateful for his enforcement methods.
I personally think that this novel could be shorter. There are events added to the story that could probably be dispensed with that I consider are added to bulk-up the page count and, although written in Lee Child's brilliant, tight style, some descriptions tend to be over-long.
Nevertheless, I would advise Reacher fans to give 'Make Me' a try, just for the hell of it!

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