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Have you read Regress and Rescue?

I'm looking for five more beta readers for a prequel novella to the Alliance Chronicles.

Send me a message at sfbenson@authorsfbenson.com to get a PDF copy.

Title: Release
Genre: NA Dystopian
Anticipated Pub Date: January 3, 2017

Tagline: “Out of pain comes growth.”

Years before the United States collapses and the New Order takes over, Asher Jones is a teenager living in Taylor, Michigan. Turmoil rocks the country. Citizens are dismayed. But for Asher, his only concern is the girl next door.

His world is perfect until the night his family is brutally killed. Asher struggles to make sense of his life. Drugs and alcohol become his constant companions and land him in jail. Now he’s at a crossroad—clean up his act or continue down the path of self-destruction. Every choice, however, comes with a consequence.

When a kid from the right side of the tracks veers left, how does he find his way back?

Thanks for your help!
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Published on October 27, 2016 11:32 Tags: alliance-chronicles, prequel