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Turning Points in the Greatest City on Earth: The Great Fire of London

I love London. Loved living in it and love visiting it. I can walk for hours and hours and not get tired. All I have to do is turn down an alleyway and a new story presents itself. It’s almost too layered, too full of history. That’s why I find great turning points in its history, like the Great Fire of 1666, riveting. Pretty much everyone has heard of the fire that destroyed most of what lay within the city walls of London. Maybe not as a history lesson but probably at least as the children’s song ‘London’s Burning.’ It was one of the most devastating events in that amazing city’s history (short of the black plague) but it was also a catalyst for change and proof that my favorite city in the world ha always been incredibly resilient. The fire destroyed everything between the Courts and The Tower of London, or 85 % of what lay within the city walls, including most of the institutions of government, and left 80,000 people homeless. Yet six years later the city was back on its feet and that is despite some gross mismanagement and the petty bickering of interest groups. Sounds incredibly modern and topical. It’s a city that won’t quit, for better or for worse.
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Published on January 14, 2017 10:07 Tags: fire, history, london