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Guest on Mysteristas this weekend!

I'm thrilled to be a guest on Mysteristas this weekend! My post is about archival research in fiction. Let me know what you think about it here or in the comments on their site, I appreciate it!
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MysteryThrillerWeek Amateur Sleuth Mysteries and Thrillers

MysteryThrillerWeek Amateur Sleuth Mysteries and Thrillers

amateur sleuths

Welcome to the fourth themed post about Mystery Thriller Week, an annual event celebrating the Mystery and Thriller genres!

Today I’m thrilled to share with you eight books from the Amateur Sleuth Mysteries and Thrillers Theme. Authors Jennifer S. Alderson, Ritter Ames, Colin Garrow, Kaye George, Tomasz Chrusciel, Joynell Schultz, Judy Penz Sheluk, and Catherine Dilts have kindly provided a description of their amateur sleuth and novel. I’ve also included information about my own amateur sleuth mystery.

According to Goodreads, “an amateur sleuth mystery features a protagonist who, having no direct ties to the police or other investigative agency, stumbles upon and sets out to solve or help solve various crimes, most notably murder. They do not receive monetary compensation for their investigation.”

This description perfectly sums up the novels listed in Mystery Thriller Week’s Amateur Sleuth Mysteries and Thrillers Theme.

Fancy yourself an armchair sleuth? Then cozy up with one of these great titles and get cracking!
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Celebrate Spring with Travel By Book!

Celebrate Spring with Travel By Book!

Spring is finally here, which means school holidays and summer/winter vacations are right around the corner! Whether you are already packing your bags or are still trying to decide where to go, let Travel By Book inspire you.

Featured in this post are mysteries, thrillers, romantic comedies, historical fiction, and romance novels set in Papua, the Netherlands, Italy, England, Hawaii, Corsica, Bulgaria, Greenland, Prague, Budapest, India, Canada, Israel, and Jordan.

They are written by Jennifer S. Alderson, Pamela Allegretto, Daniella Bernett, Melissa Burovac, Vanessa Couchman, Margaret Halliday, Dora Ilieva, Joanna Kafarowski, Jerold Last, Dianne Noble, Janice J. Richardson, and M.P. Tonnesen.

These fabulous reads are sure to motivate you to dig out your passport and start booking your next trip abroad!

Read the post to learn more...
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