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reviews by TripFiction & Goodreads Giveaway winner; The Displaced Nation 'Booklust, Wanderlust'

Dear Goodreads members,

I’m quite pleased to see two great 4 star reviews of my debut novel Down and Out in Kathmandu: adventures in backpacking now linked to its
Goodreads book page. Thank you Tina from TripFiction and Goodreads Giveaway winner Emma Debruyne for taking the time to write and post them!

I’m also honored to be one of six contributors to The Displaced Nation’s latest column BOOKLUST, WANDERLUST: 6 writers talk expat- and travel-themed books: last year’s faves, this year’s must-reads, written by Goodreads member Beth Green. It’s a great list of books, including several I now want to read! My suggestions include Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's Tragic Quest for Primitive Art, The Travelers and Gallery Pieces: An Art Mystery, you’ll have to follow the link to find out why :)

Happy reading! Jennifer S. Alderson
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Three books by and about strong international women

Last Sunday, Mother's Day, I checked my email while sipping my first cup of coffee and just about choked when I saw this fantastic column by Beth Green on The Displaced Nation entitled, "BOOKLUST, WANDERLUST: In honor of Mother’s Day, three books by and about strong international women," and realized I was one of the three!

Beth reviews the A Mother's Secret by Renita D'Silva, My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem and my first novel Down and Out in Kathmandu: adventures in backpacking, calling it "a book I’d like to mention to any readers thirsting for some armchair adventure". What a great review and an incredible honor to be included on this list!

Check out Beth Green's May 6th column on The Displaced Nation:
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Vacation reading & New Book Cover Down and Out in Kathmandu

Hello again! I'm back from a wonderful family reunion / travel adventure to the Pacific Northwest and feeling very relaxed. I'm also quite happy to see the new cover for Down and Out in Kathmandu was finished during my break and is now spreading itself slowly over the internet! Check it out on Facebook:

I'm having it updated on Goodreads though it may take a few days. It's already been updated on most Amazon sites as well...

I hope everyone had a fabulous two weeks of fun and reading pleasure! It looks like many of you were very busy considering the number of reviews published in two short weeks (229!!); I'm slowly working my way through them now, but have already added Rupert and The Collector to add to my Currently Reading List. I did manage to read half of the so-far quite excellent Bridge of Sighs and Dreams while on vacation and am eager to find time to finish it! Look out for my review later this week...

Have a great week! Jennifer
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3 great new reviews in 1 week!

The Lover's Portrait Amsterdam

What an amazing week: Two new wonderful 5 star reviews of Down and Out in Kathmandu, and one new fantastic 4.5 review of The Lover's Portrait!

"Down and Out is an engrossing and thrilling travel mystery that was hard to put down."

"Alderson’s portrayal allows the reader to view the underbelly of the city, with all its smells and sounds, its chaos and pathos.... This is a well-researched (on site experience) and entertaining read for both armchair travelers and trekkers."

The Lover's Portrait is "an enjoyable mystery...Setting is delightful. She has captured the very Dutch nature of the city and clearly knows it well."

So proud and pleased!

Thanks to Goodread members Jill Dobbe, Pamela Allegretto and TripFiction for taking the time to review my books. I'm so glad you all enjoyed them both!

You can read TripFiction's 4.5 star review of The Lover's Portrait on their website [ ] or here on Goodreads: .

The reviews of Down and Out in Kathmandu can be read here on Goodreads: and

Down and Out in Kathmandu Adventures in Backpacking (Adventures of Zelda Richardson, #1) by Jennifer S. Alderson The Lover's Portrait An Art Mystery (Adventures of Zelda Richardson, #2) by Jennifer S. Alderson
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First author interview posted!

I'm excited to see my first ever author interview posted on Goodreads author Amy Shannon's book review site (Amy's Bookshelf Reviews) and blog! Thanks Amy, great questions!

To read about my writing process, favorite books and addiction to traveling, click here:

Or here:

Happy Reading!
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Published on September 16, 2016 07:30 Tags: amsterdam, amy-s-bookshelf-reviews, amy-shannon, author, book-review, interview, kathmandu, nepal, thailand, travel

Down and Out in Kathmandu no.4 'travel fiction backpacking'

Hello all, I'm so very happy to see my debut novel, Down and Out in Kathmandu: Adventures in Backpacking suddenly reappear on various travel fiction and women's adventures lists on Amazon!

Unbeknownst to me, Amazon chose to 'push' it a few weeks ago and suddenly it's the no. 4 novel on their 'travel fiction backpacking' list, above The Beach and Are You Experienced?, two of the books which inspired me to write Down and Out in the first place. :)

And what warms my heart even more, is to see it jump from below the 4,000 position, to become the #434 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Travel ! I know it's temporary, but it feels great anyway.

If you want to check it out, here's the Amazon link:

Happy reading everyone!
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Grab a backpack and lead yourself on an adventure

Amy's Bookshelf Reviews Down and Out in Kathmandu

New 5 star review! "Who doesn't want to escape from burnout, grab a backpack and lead yourself on an adventure.'"

Many thanks author Amy Shannon for reviewing Down and Out in Kathmandu: Adventures in Backpacking for your book review website, Amy's Bookshelf Reviews!

You can read the rest of this fantastic review on Goodreads or Amy's Bookshelf Reviews:
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Adventurous mini-interview!

Thanks to author Inis L. Fal for interviewing me in her Goodreads group for adventurous souls. It was fun! Check out my mini-answers, as well as those of authors Jill Dobbe, Dawn Anahid MacKeen, Mark Evans and Catherine Bryne here:
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Published on November 18, 2016 22:44 Tags: adventure, author, blog, books, fiji, interview, nepal, thailand, travel

Jo Lambert interviews me for her Tuesday Talk book blog

Many thanks to author Jo Lambert for interviewing me for her Tuesday Talk book blog! It was a lot of fun chatting with her about writing, traveling, interesting dinner guests, and my two upcoming releases.

Check it out here:
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Published on November 29, 2016 01:31 Tags: author, author-interview, book-blog, dinner-guests, fiction, interview, nepal, new-release, thailand, travel, wip, writing

MysteryThrillerWeek: Mystery & Thriller Passport

Do you love to read Mysteries and Thrillers? Then you'll want to keep your eye on my blog posts during the next seven weeks, all dedicated to the upcoming MysteryThrillerWeek event happening February 12-22, 2017!


Mystery and Thriller Passport Theme

Welcome to the first of four themed posts about MysteryThrillerWeek, an annual event celebrating the Mystery and Thriller genres!

Over two-hundred authors are participating in this global event. To help readers and authors better connect, a variety of themed lists – sub-categories of both genres – have been created.

Today I’m thrilled to share with you fifteen books from the Mystery and Thriller Passport Theme, mysteries and thrillers set outside of the United States.

Authors Jennifer S. Alderson, Anne Carmichael, Tomasz Chrusciel, Colin Garrow, Jane Jordan, Sarah Key, Phil Philips, Paul Russell Parker III, Nick Rippington, Leta Serafim, Marie Silk, Judy Penz Sheluk, Michael Smorenburg, and Zaheera Walker have kindly provided a description of their setting and story. I’ve also included information about my own travel fiction thrillers.

I love to read books that transport me to other cities and countries. If you love to travel by fiction as well, pick up one of these titles today and take a trip to Nepal, Thailand, the Netherlands, England, France, Wales, Kuwait, Greece, Canada, South America, Guyana, South Africa, or the Caribbean from the comfort of your armchair.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting reads in this category…

Read the rest of the post on my website here:
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