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BOOKLUST, WANDERLUST: Expat creatives recommend books for the (not quite) end of summer

Hello again! Hope you got to enjoy your summer. My son started back up at school last week, marking the end of our ‘vacation time’ for a while.

Funny enough, The Displaced Nation’s latest book review column, ‘BOOKLUST, WANDERLUST: Expat creatives recommend books for the (not quite) end of summer’ also appeared on their site last week. Myself, Helena Halme, Matt Krause, Annika Milisic-Stanley, Pamela Jane Rogers, Jasmine Silvera, ML Awanohara and Beth Green all recommend books that qualify as “displaced” reads, meaning they are for, by, or about expats or other internationals. It was a lot of fun to do! Take a look at what we recommend and why, you just might find a few titles for your TBR list.

Have a great week!
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The Birth of a Novel by Pamela Allegretto

Pamela Allegretto

Pamela Allegretto is the author of my favorite historical fiction novel of 2016, Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, a captivating story set in Italy during World War Two. Her own experiences as an exchange student and expat living in the country of her forefathers inspired the characters, plot and beautifully described setting for her debut novel. It is a pleasure to learn more about its inception.

The Birth of a Novel by Pamela Allegretto
The tutelage of my Italian family launched my love for the Italian language the moment the first trilled “R” danced on my tongue and tickled my teeth. Animated conversations around the supper table often veered from current events to life in Italy during World War 2 and the impact the War had on our family. These conversations piqued my curiosity and planted a seed that nagged me to learn more.

I was 17-years-old when I took my first trip back to Italy with my parents. The moment the airplane touched ground, I had this overwhelming feeling of “home.” Meeting my Italian aunts and uncles in their Southern Italian village of Faicchio and listening to their personal accounts of the War sprouted that seed and it began to grow. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know.

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Celebrate Spring with Travel By Book!

Celebrate Spring with Travel By Book!

Spring is finally here, which means school holidays and summer/winter vacations are right around the corner! Whether you are already packing your bags or are still trying to decide where to go, let Travel By Book inspire you.

Featured in this post are mysteries, thrillers, romantic comedies, historical fiction, and romance novels set in Papua, the Netherlands, Italy, England, Hawaii, Corsica, Bulgaria, Greenland, Prague, Budapest, India, Canada, Israel, and Jordan.

They are written by Jennifer S. Alderson, Pamela Allegretto, Daniella Bernett, Melissa Burovac, Vanessa Couchman, Margaret Halliday, Dora Ilieva, Joanna Kafarowski, Jerold Last, Dianne Noble, Janice J. Richardson, and M.P. Tonnesen.

These fabulous reads are sure to motivate you to dig out your passport and start booking your next trip abroad!

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