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reviews by TripFiction & Goodreads Giveaway winner; The Displaced Nation 'Booklust, Wanderlust'

Dear Goodreads members,

I’m quite pleased to see two great 4 star reviews of my debut novel Down and Out in Kathmandu: adventures in backpacking now linked to its
Goodreads book page. Thank you Tina from TripFiction and Goodreads Giveaway winner Emma Debruyne for taking the time to write and post them!

I’m also honored to be one of six contributors to The Displaced Nation’s latest column BOOKLUST, WANDERLUST: 6 writers talk expat- and travel-themed books: last year’s faves, this year’s must-reads, written by Goodreads member Beth Green. It’s a great list of books, including several I now want to read! My suggestions include Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's Tragic Quest for Primitive Art, The Travelers and Gallery Pieces: An Art Mystery, you’ll have to follow the link to find out why :)

Happy reading! Jennifer S. Alderson
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Vacation reading & New Book Cover Down and Out in Kathmandu

Hello again! I'm back from a wonderful family reunion / travel adventure to the Pacific Northwest and feeling very relaxed. I'm also quite happy to see the new cover for Down and Out in Kathmandu was finished during my break and is now spreading itself slowly over the internet! Check it out on Facebook:

I'm having it updated on Goodreads though it may take a few days. It's already been updated on most Amazon sites as well...

I hope everyone had a fabulous two weeks of fun and reading pleasure! It looks like many of you were very busy considering the number of reviews published in two short weeks (229!!); I'm slowly working my way through them now, but have already added Rupert and The Collector to add to my Currently Reading List. I did manage to read half of the so-far quite excellent Bridge of Sighs and Dreams while on vacation and am eager to find time to finish it! Look out for my review later this week...

Have a great week! Jennifer
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BOOKLUST, WANDERLUST: Expat creatives recommend books for the (not quite) end of summer

Hello again! Hope you got to enjoy your summer. My son started back up at school last week, marking the end of our ‘vacation time’ for a while.

Funny enough, The Displaced Nation’s latest book review column, ‘BOOKLUST, WANDERLUST: Expat creatives recommend books for the (not quite) end of summer’ also appeared on their site last week. Myself, Helena Halme, Matt Krause, Annika Milisic-Stanley, Pamela Jane Rogers, Jasmine Silvera, ML Awanohara and Beth Green all recommend books that qualify as “displaced” reads, meaning they are for, by, or about expats or other internationals. It was a lot of fun to do! Take a look at what we recommend and why, you just might find a few titles for your TBR list.

Have a great week!
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Fiction and Memoirs written by Expats and Travelers


In a few short weeks I will be releasing Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand, excerpts from travel journals and emails I’d written while volunteering in Kathmandu and backpacking through Nepal and Thailand. This journey also served as the basis for my first novel, a travel thriller entitled Down and Out in Kathmandu.

My plan was to volunteer in Nepal for four months then backpack around Southeast Asia for another six. Things didn’t quite work out that way…

Traveling is an amazing adventure, one that can transform your world view – if you let it. Yet it can also be quite scary and lonely when you’re so far from home, especially the first time.

When I decided to set off from Seattle to Kathmandu, I was a twenty-six-year-old computer geek who didn’t have a passport because I’d never left the States. This first trip abroad ignited my wanderlust. This journey led to another and another, and after having traveled much of the world, I settled in the Netherlands and reinvented myself as an art historian.

Long-term travel and the expat experience are topics near and dear to my heart. To celebrate the impending release of Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand, I’ve asked six incredible authors, travelers and expats to share their stories.

Every Monday and Friday during the month of March, I will be featuring fascinating articles by Jill Dobbe, Melissa Burovac, Beth Green, Anne Hamilton, Annika Milisic Stanley and Pamela Allegretto – as well as an article I’ve written about claiming your place in this world – on my blog.

I hope you enjoy learning more about these incredible women in the coming weeks, in particular their expat and travel-related experiences and the influence it’s had on their life and writing.

See you Friday!


Claim an ARC (unedited review copy) of Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand on Instafreebie until March 9, 2017:

Notes of a Naive Traveler is now available as pre-order for 2.99 on Amazon:

*** The release date is currently listed as May 15, 2017, though I expect to be published by April 17, 2017.
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How Traveling Abroad Turned Me into a Writer by Melissa Burovac

Wandering'/><br /><br /><br />I have the strong feeling <a href=Melissa Burovac and I could spend many enjoyable hours swapping travel stories. After reading her excellent memoir, Wandering, I was struck by the similarities between our experiences on the road, as well as how we – as women traveling solo – reacted to the people and places we visited.

One of the things I love about Wandering is how Melissa was able to stay ‘in the moment’. After reading her article, ‘How Traveling Abroad Turned Me into a Writer’, I now understand how she did it!

How Traveling Abroad Turned Me into a Writer
By Melissa Burovac

My first experience of living in another country was a somewhat spontaneous RTW (Round the World) trip, beginning with a one-way ticket to Mexico and a pocket full of margarita money from selling my truck. I had long been wanting to travel, but gifted at birth with an awful sense of direction and a giant helping of anxiety, I never imagined I could make it work. My soon-to-be best friend moved to Kauai, where I live, and brought with her tales of exotic countries and fascinating people, and a house full of beautiful artifacts purchased around the world from her years of travel. She persuaded me to face my terror and take the leap — life is short, she told me, get out there and see how much more there is. With her help, I found a place to live at a school in Mexico, a very safe first step until I could get used to being abroad and so far outside my shoe-box-sized comfort zone.

Read the rest here:
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Write What You Know by Jill Dobbe

This month on my website/blog, I am featuring articles by six amazing expats and travelers; this is the second post:

Jill Dobbe’s extensive experience as an international educator enriches her fascinating travel memoir, KIDS, CAMELS, & CAIRO, a book I highly recommend to those considering taking the plunge and working overseas. It is quite an insightful read, as is this article ‘Write What You Know’.

Jill Dobbe

Hemingway said it and I write by it.

It’s the advice I remember receiving, and the reason I became a published author in my fifties. Upon returning to the U.S. after living and working as an international educator in India, where our circumstances were more topsy-turvy than ever, my husband proposed the idea of writing a book. “You should,” he remarked offhandedly. “You know a lot about working abroad in international schools and we have survived many crazy adventures for you to write about.” He planted the seed that day and I have been writing memoirs and travel articles, ever since....

Read the rest of Jill Dobbe's fascinating post here:
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A Blonde Bengali Wife and Me by Anne Hamilton

I came across Anne Hamilton’s memoir A Blonde Bengali Wife a few months ago via an amazing Facebook group, Women Writers, Women’s Books. At the time, I was editing together Notes of a Naive Traveler: Nepal and Thailand and recall being quite pleased to find another travel memoir writer in the group!

Reading her posts and the description of her novel, I was immediately struck by the similarities to the start of our first trips abroad, and in awe of her decision to found a charity based in Bangladesh.

Though I haven’t yet had the pleasure, I hope to read A Blonde Bengali Wife soon. Did you know all of the proceeds benefit her charity, Bhola’s Children?

Read the full post here:
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Stories Everywhere by Beth Green

Beth Green

When I published my first novel, Down and Out in Kathmandu, one of the first ‘reviewers’ I emailed the good news to was Beth Green, Book Editor of The Displaced Nation, a global community of creative expats. Even though she politely informed me that she didn’t do straight up book reviews, we kept in touch and I have had the pleasure of contributing to two of her columns.

Ever since our first email conversation, I’ve been fascinated with her TCK (Third Culture Kid) background and jealous of her current hometown of Prague. While she’s shopping for an agent for her first novel, her first short story has been published in an anthology, Fish Out of Water. I am thrilled to be one of the first to let the world know about her publication debut!

Stories Everywhere by Beth Green

You know what I like most about traveling? Meeting new people. Finding out where they are from. What they do. Why they are doing it. Basically, what’s their story?

In my life, I’ve met a lot of people, in a lot of places.

As a kid, in 27 countries. As an adult, in 30 plus more.

People ask what it was like growing up on a sailboat, but it’s hard to explain. Your childhood is always just your childhood; it seems normal to you.

Meeting all these people, and deflecting that “what’s it like” question, I’ve coaxed people into telling me a lot of stories. It’s always seemed natural to me that I’d tell some myself—though maybe not the same ones that people first thought I’d write...

Read the rest of the post now:
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Published on March 31, 2017 04:30 Tags: beth-green, displaced-nation, expat, tck, third-culture-kid, travel, travel-writing

Interview with Expat Fiction author Annika Milisic-Stanley

I stumbled across Annika Milisic-Stanley’s debut novel, The Disobedient Wife here on Goodreads while searching for ‘Expat Fiction’. After I had posted my 5 star review of her gorgeous novel, we came into contact via social media. I am glad she was able to take time away from her work as a fundraiser for a refugees center in Rome to share this fascinating interview with us.

Interview with Expat Fiction author Annika Milisic-Stanley

What is your background?

I originate from Dorset, a green, pleasant county of the UK, abundant in country pubs, scones with jam and cream, delphinium beds and pony clubs. I attended the School of Oriental and African Studies, majoring in Social Anthropology. I have worked all over the world, as a social/ behavioural studies sociologist, project writer, fundraiser and programme manager for non-governmental organisations. Now, I have children and work as a program fundraiser for a small non-profit day centre for refugees in Rome ( I started writing creatively in my early twenties, venting my rage at the world’s injustices through fictional short stories.

Read the rest on my website now:
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‘Fiction and Memoirs by Expats and Travelers month’ wrap up

April is upon us which means ‘Fiction and Memoirs by Expats and Travelers month’ is now officially over. Many thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog in March to read the seven wonderful articles and interviews by Melissa Burovac, Jill Dobbe, Anne Hamilton, myself (Jennifer S. Alderson), Beth Green, Pamela Allegretto and Annika Milisic-Stanley.

It was an honor for me to feature their posts and I enjoyed learning more about all of their stories!

If you missed any of the articles, here is a quick linked list:

Introduction to Fiction and Memoirs by Expats and Travelers Month

How Traveling Abroad Turned Me Into A Writer By Melissa Burovac

Write What You Know By Jill Dobbe

A Blonde Bengali Wife And Me By Anne Hamilton

Staying ‘In The Moment’: One Author’s Adventure In Travel Writing By Jennifer S. Alderson

Stories Everywhere By Beth Green

The Birth of a Novel by Pamela Allegretto

Interview with Expat Fiction Author Annika Milisic-Stanley

Until next time, happy travels! Jennifer

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