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'Genre Identity and The Author’s Voice' by Janice J. Richardson and 'When God Created the World' by Dora Ilieva

What a busy few weeks it has been! While I'm finalizing Smuggler's Deceit (Book Three in the Adventures of Zelda Richardson series) and approving audio files for The Lover's Portrait audiobook (out in October!), two lovely authors have stopped by my blog to share two wonderful stories with us.

Please do check out Janice J. Richardson's article 'Genre Identity and The Author’s Voice' and Dora Ilieva's 'When God Created the World'.

Genre Identity and The Author’s Voice by Janice J. Richardson

It is my pleasure to welcome cozy mystery author Janice J. Richardson back to my blog! Today she shares with us her thoughts on genres, as both an author and reader.

She is also getting ready for the August 19th release of the third book in her Spencer Funeral Home Niagara Cozy Mystery series, Grave Mistake. I’m looking forward to reading it! You can find more about it at the bottom of this post, along with my review of her second novel, Winter’s Mourning.

And if that isn’t enough, you can also read a lovely interview and review of her first book Casket Cache, here.

Read the entire post here:

When God Created the World by Dora Ilieva

I had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ mystery author Dora Ilieva in a Goodreads group many months ago, yet only recently read her second novel, The Master. I was blown away! She’s quite a talented author who infuses archaeology and history into her story, and takes us on a tour of Eastern Europe to boot. I recently discovered the third novel in the Sam and Kossara series, currently entitled White Clay, will be released this winter. I can’t wait to read it!

Take a moment and read her lovely article about her homeland Bulgaria. I know it’s on my ‘to visit’ list now.

Read the entire post here:
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Travel By Book to Europe (focus on fiction)

Outwit Nazi soldiers in Italy, find a lost Dutch art collection, befriend an English jewel thief, run from a Russian spy, search for a missing artifact in Bulgaria, lead a double life as a Gestapo Commandant’s mistress, become a fugitive running from a European gang of psychopathic villains, and try to catch an elusive Greek underwear thief.

Or embark on a secret romance in Corsica, create a new life among Van Gogh’s sunflowers in Provence, experience a Finnish-English romance at the height of the Cold War, repair torn loyalties in the ancient Kingdom of Scotland, and discover your guardian angel on a Greek island!

Travel By Book to Europe with mystery, romance and historical fiction authors Jennifer S. Alderson, Pamela Allegretto, Daniella Bernett, Vanessa Couchman, Jane Dunning, Helena Halme, Dora Ilieva, Elizabeth Gates, Kathryn Gauci, Rob Johnson, Laura Libricz, Effrosyni Moschoudi, Katerina Nikolas, Sarah Ridout, Patricia Sands, Suzi Stembridge, and Stephanie Wood!

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Celebrate Spring with Travel By Book!

Celebrate Spring with Travel By Book!

Spring is finally here, which means school holidays and summer/winter vacations are right around the corner! Whether you are already packing your bags or are still trying to decide where to go, let Travel By Book inspire you.

Featured in this post are mysteries, thrillers, romantic comedies, historical fiction, and romance novels set in Papua, the Netherlands, Italy, England, Hawaii, Corsica, Bulgaria, Greenland, Prague, Budapest, India, Canada, Israel, and Jordan.

They are written by Jennifer S. Alderson, Pamela Allegretto, Daniella Bernett, Melissa Burovac, Vanessa Couchman, Margaret Halliday, Dora Ilieva, Joanna Kafarowski, Jerold Last, Dianne Noble, Janice J. Richardson, and M.P. Tonnesen.

These fabulous reads are sure to motivate you to dig out your passport and start booking your next trip abroad!

Read the post to learn more...
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