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I have listened to the readers, and am working on a complete overhaul of Indelible You. I am doing away with the extra POV's and hopefully delving deeper into the H & h.
The bones of the story will be the same. (If that was your biggest yuck, well, it still will be unfortunately.) But if you were one of the people that liked to story but hated the constant POV switching, then I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.
Brand Me - Imagine Ink 2 is almost ready to hit the shelves, and it is much smoother with just the 2 POVs. Live and learn. It took me a bit to swallow my pride and realize that my baby wasn't as pretty as it could be in this pageant.
I hope to have that completed before April.

(If you left a review, and would be willing to give me another chance, I would love to get a revamped copy to you when it's available. Email me at

Readers can (did) make a difference.
When you review a book, you can change things.
Reviews can be powerful.
(But please always remember, just as every reader is a person, so is every author.)
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Published on February 23, 2016 09:45 • 111 views • Tags: readers, review, reviews, rewrite, rewriting