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July 13, 2015

Using Your Emotions to Write Your Story

It's been my experience that writers by nature are very emotional people. One day we are on top of the world, the next day it feels like the world is weighing heavy on our shoulders. We get frustrated, angry, excited, depressed. Whatever we feel, we feel with passion, sometimes to the point of distraction.

I used to let this stop me from writing. I'm too depressed to write, I'm too pissed off to write, etc (insert excuse here). Then it occurred to me. If I'm sad or depressed I have all the emotion that I need to write the perfect tear jerker of a chapter. If I'm angry and pissed off (like I am right now) it's the perfect time to write my character's rage and frustration with their current tragic circumstance. If I'm filled with butterflies at the prospect of a new man in my life, hot and heavy chapter here I come.

My point is, don't let life and all of its emotional distractions stop you from writing the novel of your dreams. Use your tragedies and your triumphs to create characters with depth and conviction. Take what the world is throwing at you at the time and make it come to life on the page. I'm going to go write my pissed off chapter now. Have a lovely evening everyone.
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Published on July 13, 2015 17:41

June 29, 2015

Romance Novels and Chasing the Darkness

One thing I’ve learned for certain is that in this life nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. If it has for you, then I tip my hat to you and say count your blessings because you are truly blessed. People are complex, relationships are complex and I have never once read a successful romance where boy meets girl, boy gets girl and they live happily ever after. There always, always has to be the element of struggle, tragedy, and triumph.

If you have lived long enough life has likely brought you to your knees more than once (and not in a good way for all you smut lovers out there). You’re heart has been broken, people have lied, cheated, and let you down, loved ones have passed on and left you here alone. If you’re like me you’ve made really, really bad decisions for all the right reasons, fought your demons only to realize that fighting them gives them power. We’ve faced more dark days than we care to remember and yet we can’t seem get enough of our bad boys and their darkness.

What would a romance be without the heart hardened, battle worn, demon plagued leading man. Hell these days, half the time the leading man is a demon. We have our vampires, our werewolves and shape-shifters and we lust after them without shame. We travel through time in page after page to fall in love with this bloodied laird and that scoundrel of an English Lord. We chase the darkness, we crave it and we fall in love with it over and over again. It’s the thrill of the chase, the forbidden temptation, and the triumph over tragedy that we can’t seem to get enough of. Why is that?

Perhaps somewhere in the recesses of our minds we struggle with our own darkness, wrestle with our own damaged, broken pieces that we just can’t seem to love and within these stories we find a glimmer of hope that someday our own warlock, dominant, Scottish highlander will jump off the page and make us whole. Read all the romance novels you want. By all means, please read mine but from my experience…learn to embrace your brokenness, revel in the mangled hot mess that you are and then and only then, will Mr. Right truly jump off the page and into your life.
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Published on June 29, 2015 13:35

June 23, 2015

How I Made Peace With My Own Brokenness Through Writing

Before Fantastically Flawed the novel there was Fantastically Flawed the poem. I was sitting in my office one day trying desperately to work on a novel but I was mentally blocked. At that point in my life, I had experienced a series of significant losses in a very short matter of time. My emotions were off the charts. I was frustrated with the universe, angry at God and overwhelmed by a gut wrenching sadness. I was told I had anxiety and panic disorder due to post traumatic stress.

During those times I would think back to the girl I used to be, the fearless Wendy that had a passion for life. I was once a girl who felt safe in the world, who believed in happy endings and woke up excited to face each new day. Now I was a woman who couldn’t sleep without pills, rarely ate and my hands seemed to shake at random times throughout the day. Where did that girl go and who the hell was I now? I struggled for weeks trying to find myself, trying to mentally reconcile the two sides of myself. Who the hell was Wendy Wood?

One particularly quiet evening, which is a rarity in a house filled with kids, cats, and dogs, I found myself pen in hand and wrote a poem of acceptance to myself. I wasn’t just the hopeful, happy young girl nor was I only the anxious broken mess. I was both, a walking talking contradiction. The poem I wrote that night you can find on the back of my novel and reads as follows:

I am a child, innocent, spirited, and full of life. The world I live in is a magical place. I am strong. I am safe. I am complete.

There is another girl inside of me. She is broken. Nothing is certain in her world. She is frightened of the screaming but terrified of the silence.
I take her by the hand and together we grow, we struggle but we survive. We are two separate beings and one in the same.

I am a romantic with a jaded heart. I’m a recluse yearning for adventure. I’ve had joy lift me so high my fingertips brushed the clouds and had grief bring me to my knees.
I am fearless and afraid. I am content and I am restless. I am undefined, a contradiction in terms. I am all things and none as I stumble through this life gracefully, a mere human, fantastically flawed...

That was the night I began to make peace with myself and not long after Fantastically Flawed the novel and Nichole McCallister were born.
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Published on June 23, 2015 13:18 Tags: fantastically-flawed