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Mystical Christianity Alpha and Omega

Mystical Christianity #research by Nuit

The Humanity has circumstances - read reason for every single set of consciousness manifestations within this amazing forever evolving Universe. 

The Gospel of John 200AD as Ancient Egyptian manuscript]

The Gospel of John 200AD found as an Ancient Egyptian manuscript written in Greek within an ancient Egyptian mummy’s grave

In North Eastern Hellas about the 6th century BC appeared a beautiful teaching both ascetic and Gaia conscious. Orpheus believed the soul to be divine, aspiring freedom, imprisoned on Earth by the wheel of birth. The soul is on an endless journey, as the companion of many incarnated men and animals...

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Esoteric Teachings of Ripley’s Scrolls

Esoteric Christianity 17th century Ripley's Alchemy Scrolls by Nataša Pantović

Respecting the knowledge of Alchemists, within this dynamic orphic, hermaphrodite Universe of consciousness manifestations, we now examine the mysticism within teachings of the 16th / 17th century Ripley’s Scrolls.

hermes old man with egg shaped vase Ripley alchemy scroll Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Ripley’s Alchemical Scrolls  Hermes Trismegistus and What is Alchemy? 

At the top of the Ripley’s Scrolls, a large, robed, bearded figure greets the researchers...

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Humanity’s Drive for Goodness and Gypsis

Who are Gypsis and why should we care by Nataša Pantović Nuit Can Human Nature with its profoundly caring and loving side abandon we vs. they behavior patterns and learn from Genocides of our Past?

Artists, scientists, consciousness researchers’ trust in Humanity’s goodness supported Gypsis even when all the others were against them. The weddings had Gypsi bands, poets composed music influenced by their rhythm, writers whispered their myths, love for horses, freedom, magic, we learned fortun...

Carmen opera by Bizet who are Gypsis
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Leonardo da Vinci's Leda with Swan Mystical Knowledge

Leonardo da Vinci's Leda with Swan Mystical Knowledge

Ancient Worlds Teachings from Leonardo da Vinci's Leda with Swan by Nataša Pantović
Leonardo da Vinci's Leda with Swan Mystical Knowledge

During 1505-1510, in Florence, Leonardo da Vinci paints his Leda with the Swan, with the motif of a natural landscape untouched by a human hand, depicting Leda and her lover, the Swan, Zeus disguised, the father of the gods.

I was suprised to see the same Leda in Leonardo’s Immaculate Conception as a mystical metaphor for Mary.

Playing with our subconscious mind and using his art to awaken deep emotions, paint...

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Learning from Bulgarian Bogumili, Amadeus, Greek Theophil or German Gottlieb

Domine Sacra and Lady wisdom god divine consciousness by Nataša Pantović Amazon Link

A Macedonian lady just told me that her name is Manče and that the name does not mean anything. Coming from such an ancient place, guarding goodness naturally, I was certain that her name hides a higher mystery. My research went back and found the name of the 13th century rulers of these lands (Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania) carrying the same name and all claiming supremacy over its origins. So this res...

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