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Tree of Life Book

Tree of Life: with Spiritual Poetry book

Tree of Life with Spiritual Poetry Nataša Pantović Nuit, Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training #9The beauty and wisdom of alchemy is immense transforming a soul into its highest potential.
Explore the true story, the most amazing spiritual and life journey into the Field of Dreams, an adoption journey of a single mum with her spiritual poetry of four elements, four directions, four stages of Life.

In an interview Nuit says: "My soul is the one of a nomad and I learn tremendously every time when in a different country. Travelling through Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu countries often as a single woman or without a lot of money helped me see that we are all One in our search for God, Oneness, Inspiration, Beauty."

Within her novel Tree of Life she says: "It is not what we as souls do in life right at this particular moment of time materialized within this particular space, but what would we have done if God has given us a completely different set of circumstances. What is our soul’s yearning, and do we live it authentically living our Highest Potential as Human Beings? If we were born as Raskolnikov living within the story of Crime and Punishment, would we kill that Dostoyevsky’s grand-mum, you must have heard of his internal dialogue?"

This is Nuit's second novel. The first one is A-Ma a historical spiritual fiction book set in the 17th century China exploring Western and Eastern Philosophy with the subject of alchemy of soul: "Within A-Ma we follow insights and subtle energy battles within lives of a group of enlightened souls who understood the prime importance for West and East wisdom sharing."

Within the Tree of Life our journey takes us in to Scotland, Findhorn, a spiritual group that during the last 40 years experimented with more enlightened community living. It is an eco-village that is one of the largest intentional communities in Britain.

It is 50 years since three friends moved to a caravan in Moray, after listening to their "inner voices".

The story starts with words: "Power corrupts. Ultimate power corrupts ultimately. Guerrilla leaders and spiritual gurus share the golden medal of this mad, curious, ever-changing, opportune race for love, respect, and supremacy. Written within our codes as a malfunctioning DNA we learn to compete from very early on. Competing to be the best in football, better than our siblings, to show the neighborhood that we are worth IT, whatever this IT could possibly be. Within a struggle for more power, more belongings, a bigger house, more love, a more beautiful wife, we find an endless circle difficult to break out.”

Read this journey from Serbia to Cambridge to Maltese temples, from Nairobi to Addis Abeba in Ethiopia. Visit Lamu in Kenya full of rich drug addicts, find out why Nuit chose to define the humanity’s strongest limiting belief as: “We need suffering to grow” while she was in a high executive business workshop.

Find out what happens when your country collapses, when you stay without your soul-mate and when your soul’s quest is against your life path! How to listen to inner messages that at times feel completely irrational? This book is a journey that starts as an invitation to a Tantric Ball within the Field of Dreams.
The Tree of Life is a true story of a person following an inner voice discovering the true goals, and entering the path of parenting, as a single mum adopting two kids from Ethiopia.

Tree of Life is a journey through many true life stories interwoven into the make-up of our souls’ journey within the planet Earth. Starting with Maya of Power, and a visit to the Field of Dreams, discovery of the Alchemy of Soul, deeper understanding of “Ubuntu” that: a person is only a person through their relationship to others, ascending and descending the magic Spiral to enter Wu Wei, the action with no action, the Path of Divine Intentions.

Egyptian creation myths refer to a serpent and a primordial egg, which contained a bird of light. Within the Nordic cultures we find Yggdrasil, the tree provides a magical spring-water of knowledge. In Chinese mythology a Taoist story tells us of a peach magical tree that produces a peach every three thousand years. The one who eats the fruit becomes immortal....

Tree of Life: with Spiritual Poetry by Nataša Nuit Pantović
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Joys Strand interviews Nuit about Ama Alchemy of Love Launch

Interview with Nuit about the 9th book from Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Series, Ama Spiritual Historical Fiction Book set in the 17th Century China.

Ama Alchemy of Love Spiritual Historical Fiction Book

Q: You’ve traveled widely and researched multiple approaches to “love mindfulness.” Does one approach appeal to you more than another?

Nataša Nuit Pantović: The Eastern and Western approaches to God and spirituality developed in different directions. The western thrived exploring science, music, sports while the eastern focused on the interconnectedness of all, with a greater emphasis on myths, occult, micro-macro relationships. There are Yin and Yang approaches to life. Within my novel A-MA: ALCHEMY OF LOVE, I explore these in greater details. A-MA is set in 17th century China, at the time of first real contact of Eastern and Western civilizations, first printing books, first Universities that translated ancient works, first enlightened minds that saw that the merge of the two could lead to an amazing wisdom sharing.

Q: Could you list 3-5 tips on how readers can practice and/or achieve love mindfulness. What’s most important in their quest?

Nataša Nuit Pantović: We all have a wish to live our highest potential and with a conscious effort we can learn to listen to our Souls. Mindfulness is a Spiritual Transformation Tool that works with Mind Training and it just cannot be compared with any 'fast food' recipe, or quick 'out of the box' enjoyment technique. Learn from the elements, from water the vastness of Blue, “Allowing oneself to Be in Silence, to Be with Nature, explore various Spiritual Exercises,…, respecting each unique Being, our Mother Earth and our amazing Matrix of Causes and Effects.” Nuit (Mindful Being quote). We waste tremendous time and energy with all the technology gadgets. I have never had a TV or a mobile phone, and I use my Internet only to work, does this fact resonate with you? Can you imagine the amount of creative time you would gain if you would learn how to “control” your technology addictions and focus on creativity, love, relationships?

Ama quote about alchemy of soul and alchemy of humanity

To read the full interview: What experts say Nataša Pantović Nuit

Natasa Pantovic Nuit

Tree of Life
A-Ma Alchemy of Love
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What is Creativity

What is Creativity
Excerpt from Conscious Creativity Book

Conscious Creativity Mindfulness Meditations by Nataša Pantović Nuit

Conscious Creativity; Mindfulness Meditations

Nataša Nuit Pantović

Creative Thinking as Divine Inspiration or Human Trait

It took some time for the humanity to accept ‘creativity’ as a possible human ‘trait’.

What is creativity - human or divine trait quote by Nataša Pantović

It was during the Renaissance that creativity was first seen, not as a matter of divine inspiration, but as a gift of a great learned man to imitate God’s ability to create. As Prometheus stole the fire of the Gods and brought it to the mankind, humanity needed to steal the secret of ‘creation’ from Gods and understand its essence.

Creative Thinking and Learning the Skill of Creativity

Creativity refers to the invention of any new thing that has value. Someone creative has the ability to learn from traditional ideas and create new ones.

What is creativity, free conscious and subconscious mind, alchemy of love mindfulness training by Nuit

To be creative we have to choose to be different from everyone else...

For the full excerpt please check the Publisher website, Nataša Pantović Nuit Books What is Creativity
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Creativity or losing fear of being wrong

9 Most Important Tips to Cultivate Creativity

According to the theory of left-brain or right-brain dominance, the brain's hemispheres are associated with two distinct functions. A person who is ‘left-brained’ is logical, and analytical, while a person who is ‘right-brained’ is intuitive, thoughtful and creative..

Alchemy of love mindfulness exercises tips to nurture creative thinking

Related Conscious Creativity Book Excerpts Conscious Creativity Mindfulness Meditations Chapter 1 by Nataša Pantović Nuit

Read more on the Publishers blog Nataša Pantović Nuit about Creativity or losing fear of being wrong
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Peace humanity highest potential is waiting

Peace humanity highest potential is still waiting Mindfulness and Free Mind by Nataša Pantović Tree of Life Book Excerpt

Can TV, radio, Internet or Music kill more of the neurons they stimulate? And why are we so attracted to this most amazing form of expression?

Peace humanity highest potential is still waiting...

peace humanity highest potential is waiting by Nataša PantovićLet us Time travel into not such a Distant Past

Our humanity pre-electricity, just around 150 years ago. You know the facts, I wish not to bore you, yet, we all need just a tiny reminder of how the...

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Healing with Sound at 111Hz in Ancient Temples

Healing with Sound at 111Hz in Ancient Temples 7,000 years ago

Celebrating another milestone! Healing with Sound in Ancient Temples Post was shared and liked by our Facebook followers Mindfulness Researchers and Alchemists 2,360 times!!!

Healing with sound in ancient temples article shared 2360 times
WOW!!! 😃It has been translated and placed on a number of websites, sometimes even breaching our article copy-rights (without the reference to the author). For all of those who wish to know why the fascination with this article and where does my fascination with Malta's magic begin please check Nataša Pantović Article on the Publisher Website:

Healing with sound in Ancient Temples 111Hz
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Halloween Spiritual Practices

Have you ever wondered why do we get so exited around this time of the year, dress into skeletons and run around streets in a search of red lanterns and hollow pumpkins, screaming seeing dead men walking, witches laughing, demons trembling and the sick bleeding.

Halloween Spiritual Practices respecting ancestors

The dead, the sick, the ghosts symbolically exit their graves and enter the world of living in the shape of masks walking aimless through the streets. All the cultures at all ages gave their due respect to death, to ancestors, or are scared of the consequences if they do not.

Both early Buddhists and the Indians burn the bodies of their dead...

To read the full article go to the Publishers Blog Halloween Spiritual Practices
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4 Elements Baby Blessing Ceremony

from Tree of Life Book Four Elements Baby Blessing Ceremony using Rituals from around the World

inspirational motivational journey into alchemy_of_love consciousness and divine wisdom

It all started as a baby blessing ceremony of my two kindred spirits soul-friends. In the middle of the forest, where our camp-site hid, we were greeted by two chameleons mating and we were not dreaming!

Chameleons mating game

We arrived at the campsite overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean sea surrounded by the endless blue and they wer...

Tree of Life: with Spiritual Poetry by Nataša Nuit Pantović

Tree of Life is a journey through many true life stories interwoven into the make-up of our souls’ journey within the planet Earth. Starting with Maya of Power, and a visit to the Field of Dreams, discovery of the Alchemy of Soul, deeper understanding of “Ubuntu” that: a person is only a person through their relationship to others, ascending and descending the magic Spiral to enter Wu Wei, the action with no action, the Path of Divine Intentions.
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What is unconditional love?

What is Unconditional Love?
Unconditional Love and Happiness...
What is unconditional love?
"Our philosophers, our poets, our scientists, all, tell us that the formula of the Universe is Love, governed by Venus. She combines the highest spiritual with the lowest material qualities - Love materialized on Earth. She is born in water, from mud, and she bears the lotus. Her mystical mantra is: ‘Love is the law, but Love controlled by Will’."

Read the full book excerpt on the Nataša Pantović Publisher Blog What is Unconditional Love?
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Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Training
Practicing Spirituality as a Life Style

"Often I am asked a curious question that perfectly reflects our 'busy' life-styles, thinking patterns and life habits:

How much of my time the Alchemy of Love will take?

Mindfulness Training from Ama Book If you realise your True Self you will not need suffering

My answer to this one is usually - 'if you work hard, hopefully you'll manage to finalize it in just a life-time'...

Learning Mindfulness gives one a gift of experiencing Life fully.

Learning mindfulness brings into one's Life the quality of: Awareness, Awake-fullness, Alertness. It brings into one's Life a possibility to experience Life fully, a possibility to listen to one's Soul, a possibility to tune into the Flow of the Energy of Tao, Energy of Divine Life Force..."

For the full article check Nataša Pantović Nuit Publisher website Mindfulness Training
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