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January 30, 2017

Sitting down for an episode of Victoria means opening up a bunch of browser windows. This shit is complicated! I could not decode this show without google and wikipedia.Here's a smattering of what I've opened:Biggest surprise: Just how tiny and insignificant Coburg was! Look at that scale: it's like 30km wide. She and Albert were grandchildren of the "Duke" of small county without a population center. They came a long way.I was loving the first few episodes, but last night's really pissed me off. Either the series or wikipedia invented a complete fiction of Victoria's romance with Albert. (No conspiracy theorists, not wiki.) Why do people who film history think it's OK to lie about it? And why? They think this was a better story? It was also ineptly told. She hates him, she hates him, she hates him, she dances one waltz with him and she's smitten, and the next day she proposes to him. Oh please. What sort of romance novel is this? At least romance novels are believable.Otherwise, the series has been wonderful. (As far as I know! Now I don't trust anything I "learn" from it, though. That's sad.)
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January 26, 2017

I am nearly through overhaulingThe Columbine Guide. I've just added the full contents ofDylan Klebold's journal, broken chronologically onto 3 web pages.Here's what it looks like, with one of Dylan's hearts pages inset:
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January 23, 2017

A storm was rolling in this afternoon, so Bobby suggested a run."Good idea, Buddy. Maybe we--""A good one!" he snorted. "I'm so tired of sniffing these same old sidewalks you keep walking me round and round."My shoulders sagged and felt bad immediately. "Aw, they're great walks, Uncle Davy! But remember our big adventures when I was a little pup?"I knew it was important to him, because he avoids that pup word. (Sore subject, but that's for another time.)I smiled again, and he ran to get his leash. "And if I'm going to be holding onto this shit for 24 hours, I better start the storm on an empty tank," he said.(Rain was predicted till 4 am, and he's not going out then! Bobby doesn't poop in the rain. He rarely pees either, though sometimes I can coax him that far if it slows to a drizzle for awhile. I'm cool with that. Doggy's choice. He can set his own priorities. He's very disciplined and never lets go on the floor.)"Let's pause and check out the construction workers," he said. "And maybe pose for an IG pic--you haven't shared a shot of me this whole visit. Have u thought one time about all my corgifans?"Bobby is very concerned with his image, but word has it he was also looking for an excuse to rest. He's put on a few pounds, and can't run like his young corgi days. But still impressive, for little legs.He muttered something about recalling certain uncles with more zip in their step too, but I couldn't make it out."No pictures!" I reminded him. I hadn't showered, writing in my sweatpants, still had afternoon bedhead."Dude! Check your pocket," he moaned. "I've seen you pull a ski cap out of that jacket a zillion times.""Oh right. Smart corgi.""Jeez. Humans"He had me snap the pic. It ruins his silhouette with a paw up in the air, he says. He says that every time. I know he can't work the iphone, but I go along.He waited till the last second and turned to show off his good side. He said when you twist that way, it's slimming--shows off your abs. No comment.We ran down past the Lincoln Tunnel and back up to Port Authority. Bobby is wary of the street people around there. Doesn't trust them and he can sniff them a block away.But he was determined to go inside. There's an automated revolving door that he kept trying to get caught in, couldn't understand why I kept pulling him back.(This is not the revolving door, obviously, but another entrance he was eager to go in. It's a still from a video. I'll try to post that somewhere soon.)We ran into Nick, our barber, on the way home. (Much more slowly. Tired little corgi, and uphill.) Nick loves Bobby, but turned out a little sheepish on giving him a treat. Dropped it and whipped his hand away when Bobby lunged for it. "Bad incident," he said. Oh, sorry, Nick. Bobby felt bad. But he loved the treat!We got home and Bobby sniffed out a spot on the "new" carpet, that came from mom and dad's.He loves lying there, reminds him of them. I think he's dreaming of them right now.
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January 16, 2017

It sickens me that I had to do this 18 years after Columbine, but I finally added a "When A Shooting Strikes" resource to the Tools section of myColumbinepage:I kept it simple, with the basics:1. What to do if you ever face a gunman, and what to teach family and friends. The Run, Hide, Fight concept was popularized just in the past few years, which is a fantastic development. It is simple, easy to remember and to teach kids, and tells you 99% of what you need to know in three words. One key point, though:Follow those steps in order: Only hide if it's impossible to run, and only fight as a last resort.There are several short, excellent videos, which I urge you to watch. They flesh out the ideas succinctly, and provide great examples, with visuals that you are likely to remember, particularly on ways to fight back.I also included one side of the TSA's great active shooter pocket card, and a link to download the card.2. Interpreting media coverage:Luckily, the vast majority of you won't face a shooter, but you will be inundated by media reports of these. There is a lot you should know, and a good start theSkeptic's Guide to Media Coverage of Mass Shootingswhich I wrote forThe New Republicin 2015.3. What we can do:I've written a new epilogue for theexpanded edition of Columbine, to address two key strategies to curtail this blight. I outline them, and link to afree excerptfrom the epilogue.
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January 12, 2017

A twitterer (hehe) said he wanted to dig into some books he probably hadn't heard of in 2017, asked for recommendations. Here's my list. A few you might have heard of or even read (a few classics in there), but for the most part, I bet you haven't. And I loved every one:A Manual For Cleaning Women,Lucia Berlin.Stunning short stories. She was my mentor, so I wondered if I was biased, but then the New York Times heralded her as a lost genius, and I've yet to find anyone not awe-struck by these stories. And check out my appreciation ofLucia Berlinin Vanity Fair. And if it's not clear, that's her book cover up top.Jesus' Son,Denis Johnson.Henry IV, Part 1,William Shakespeare.Note: Part 2 is a completely different play--and terrible! Part 1 is fully self-contained. Part 1 might be my favorite of his. Up there with Macbeth. I love all the histories, that I've gotten to. Except Part 2!The Last Magazine,Michael Hastings.Skinny Legs and All,Tom Robbins.The Architect of Flowers,William Lychack.Stunning short stories. Refreshing and intimate voice, wondrous prose, startling events. Click the pic for more info.As I Lay Dying,William Faulkner.If you haven't attempted Faulker, this will blow your mind. Really frustrating at the start, till you learn to roll with it, but what a payoff.Grunt,Mary Roach.Creation,Gore Vidal.The Name of the Rose,Umberto Eco.Wearing Dad's Head,Barry Yourgrau.Changed my perceptions of what was possible, as a writer. And so much fun to read!Beowulf,the Seamus Heaney translation.(Not what you think. Not boring, or long.)The English and Their History,Robert Tombs.(I'm 200 pages in now. Best English history I've ever read, by far. And I've read a lot.)Longitude,Dava Sobel.Monster In A Box,Spalding Gray.The Right Stuff,Tom Wolf.The Perfect Storm,Sebastian Junger.Conclusive Evidence(aka, Speak, Memory), Vladimir Nabokov.(My favorite book ever. His memoir. Dazzling. His publisher pressured him to change the name to Speak, Memory decades later, but I don't accept that title. He said the original referred to conclusive evidence of his having existed. Wow.)
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January 11, 2017

I taped my segment in Chelsea (NYC) today. It's a 7-part documentary series, and Columbine will be part of the hour on terrorism. (Yikes. Also covered in the episode: OK City, Ruby Ridge, Waco, The Unabomber, etc. Each episode will be thematic, rather than chronological.)Really impressive group of people creating it. I didn't realize until we were filming that it's Tom Hanks' production company, Playtone. They really knew their stuff, and were really approaching it thoughtfully.And so many people! There were about 20 people just at the shoot! It takes an army. (Here is the really attentive make-up woman (sorry, I forgot your name now!) removing the last remnants of BobbySneakers from me. Haha. (Lots of corgi hair still clinging to my suit from last time I pulled it out.)They don't have an air date yet, but I'll let u know when it gets close. #TheNineties
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January 10, 2017

This is a test post, really. I've got the new blog, and syncing it to feeding my Amazon and Goodreads pages. Just checking to make sure it works.Once it does, I'll start adding real posts, so do come back. :)
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January 5, 2017

If you're here, you obviously saw my new page design. (If this is your first time, it was completely different yesterday.)Let me know of broken links, readability issue or other problems. (Or if you like it.)I'll post news and updates here periodically. I believe you can subscribe, but I'm not sure how yet. Haha. Soon. New system.
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July 12, 2016

Watching that Dallas shooter's poor dad was 1 of the saddest things I've seen in ages.

Brought to mind Columbine parent Sue Klebold. And the other 3 parents, no doubt, wherever they are.

In most cases, those people did nothing wrong, but their lives are ruptured and they are typically vilified. I hope this family finds some peace, eventually. Won't happen today.
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June 17, 2016

I wrote two vastly-different pieces on the awful Pulse shooting for Vanity Fair this week--the first based on my Columbine experience, the second on my gay experience.

"Mass Murder at the gay bar: Watching my worlds collide.""The Orlando shooter may have been gay? The gay community isn't surprised."
I discussed both pieces with Vanity Fair editor Mike Hogan at the new Vanity Fair Hive site.

I'm really glad that's over with, praying I don't have to do it again soon.

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