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January 24, 2015

Online-Only Stories on the Horizon

Out in the real world, where pixels meet the paper, I help writers find the best way to make their words flow and become published.

On January 9th, I started a class in San Jose, CA, Self-Publishing 101, to show how to make the best files for publishing. In my class, I cover how to format a professional-style manuscript and how to turn your manuscript into a book-style PDF. Using Word, I demonstrate how to format and style your work for publishing online and in print.

You may know my online-only story on Wattpad, where I don't have to send anything to a printer.

"Once Upon a... Lily Pond," a fairytale, is my first published and completed Wattpad story. After that accomplishment, I designed it into a book-style PDF, and, published it on Then, I listed both versions on

See the listing, Once Upon a... Lily Pond

Read my original story on

Preview my book-style PDF on

On Issuu, you'll see my book.

happy reading, and may you always have energy for writing,
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Published on January 24, 2015 12:36

Adventures in Writing

Linda M. Judd
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