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In his February 3, 2012 ‘Trail Dust' column, published in ‘The Santa Fe New Mexican,’ Marc Simons recounts the lengthy history of the research and preparation of the forthcoming book on Juan Domínguez de Mendoza:

I feel quite honored and very privileged to be associated with Scholes, Adams, and Simmons, all well-respected scholars of New Mexico history, and pleased in helping bring the Domínguez de Mendoza book into publication after the passing of 82 years since the military service records of Juan Domínguez de Mendoza were discovered by Scholes in Spain.

On the Web page of ‘The Santa Fe New Mexican’ you can enter the phrase ‘Trail Dust” in the search box and find links to more of Marc Simmon’s historical articles published in his ‘Trail Dust’ column.
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Published on February 11, 2012 09:02 • 191 views • Tags: marc-simmons, trail-dust
A review of "Juan Dominguez de Mendoza: Soldier and Frontiersman of the Spanish Southwest, 1627-1693" (UNM Press, 2012) appeared in the April 2013 issue of Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Volume 116, Number 4, pp. 412-413. Read the review at:

Also, if you don't have the book in hard copy or as an e-book, you can read a sample with a good portion of the Introduction and several documents in translation at:
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