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“Sometimes life just doesn't allow for a totally happy ending.”
Sophie Mckenzie, Missing Me
“This hole in the earth was no storage space. I was digging my own grave.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second
“It was funny how bomb and wars looked so thrilling in movies and computer games, when the reality was so heart-stoppingly terrifying.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second
“Take it easy, Charlie,” Taylor warned, a low murmur in my ear. “He’s a boy, not a bomb.”
I swore under my breath. “Well you get out here and do this, then.” I muttered.
Taylor chuckled in my ear. “I somehow don’t think I’d have the same effect that you’re having.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second
“Taylor looked for a second as if he were suppressing a smile. “Why aren’t you scared?” he said. I shrugged. Taylor tilted his head to one side. Then he took a gun from inside his coat and pointed it across at Nat. “I could kill him,” he said. “Would that scare you?”
“No,” I said, careful not to let my horror at his words show. “But it should scare you.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second
“Silence is the unbearable repartee.”
Sophie McKenzie, Close My Eyes
“You have four parents who love you. For that maybe it is possible to belong in two places.”
Sophie McKenzie, Sister, Missing

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