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“It wasn't the tequila and oxy. You really are that fucking gorgeous.”
Adrian Phoenix, In the Blood
“As lost as I get, I will find you, Heather. Always" - Dante”
Adrian Phoenix, Beneath the Skin
“I know what love feels like, but this, this man... fuck me. Steals my breath. Knots me up. Torches me."
"No, this is what denying love feels like, man. Why you denying your heart?”
Adrian Phoenix, In the Blood
“An eye for an eye is never enough. Never, never, never.”
Adrian Phoenix
“Who hears the wishes and goodbyes? The speaker does.... And you hope that what you say from the heart has power. Power to protect, power to reach the ears of the dead. A spoken thing or a whished-hard thing takes a shape within the heart, man. Takes shape. Becomes real.”
Adrian Phoenix, In the Blood
“ain't askin permission - Dante Baptiste”
Adrian Phoenix, A Rush of Wings
“Each of us is shaped by the truth of our natures.

Von to Silver”
Adrian Phoenix, Etched in Bone
“Watch over her ma mère. S’il te plaît keep her safe. Even from me.”
Adrian Phoenix, In the Blood
“It's a good thing I love you, because you officially just scared the shit out of me."

"A good thing yea," Dante agreed, squeezing her hand before releasing it.

"She's not alone in those sentiments," the Morningstar said, "Except for the love. I make no clamis there yet, little creaw-Dante”
Adrian Phoenix, Beneath the Skin
tags: humoe
“If you plan to pass the pop quiz later, I’d advise it.”
“It ain’t a pop quiz if you warn people beforehand. Doofus.”
“That’s llygad-doofus to you, and did I say pop quiz? ’Cuz I meant ninja-quiz since you’ll never see it coming.”
Adrian Phoenix, Etched in Bone
“Nothing, Basil. I’ll see you in a few,”
Fine, and it’s Lord Basil.”
Even in the bedroom?”
Especially in the bedroom.”
Adrian Phoenix, Black Dust Mambo
tags: humor
“Lucien bent and searched through the scraps of paper at Loki’s stone feet for the blood-kissed prayer Dante had placed among them. Finding it, he plucked it from the pile and straightened.
The fading essence of creawdwr blood magic tingled against his fingers. Unfolding the liquor store receipt, he read the words scrawled in Dante’s lefty slant:
Watch over her, ma mère. S’il te plaît, keep her safe. Even from me.
Lucien reread the prayer until the words blurred. He closed his fingers around the receipt, the paper crinkling against his palm. He had no doubt who she was — Special Agent Heather Wallace.
Wounded, his child, yes. Damaged, yes. But Dante’s heart was whole and in love, it seemed, with a mortal. Perhaps Heather Wallace could bind Dante and help keep his sanity from unraveling.
Insanity. The fate of an unbound creawdwr.”
Adrian Phoenix, In the Blood
“For what its worth, you're good for him," he said.
Healther looked up at him, surprised.
Von's green gaze held hers. "Family," he said. "It all comes down to who has your back when your tires are running down a strange road & who'll stop to help you patch a flat when that road turns nasty. Family". p. 254”
Adrian Phoenix, In the Blood
“You... what was that word you just used? Apologize? First 'please' and now 'apologize'? I think I need to sit down.”
Adrian Phoenix, Black Dust Mambo
“I've got yo' scent " he said nostrils flaring. "I can find you anywhere. Anytime. Yo' heart be mine Kallie Riviere hoodoo woman.”
Adrian Phoenix
“Speaking of tiny skivvies I think that's what you both should wear during your inevitable cage fight. We can even call your soon-to-be epic battle the Die-You in the Bayou. Sell tickets.”
Adrian Phoenix, Black Heart Loa

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