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“The nail that sticks out farthest gets hammered the hardest.”
Patrick Jones, Nailed
“Kara do you love Brad?'
All my heart.'
Then how can you let him leave next year?'
I guess love isn’t enough sometimes.”
Patrick Jones, Things Change
“Everybody's got their secrets; I carry mine like a jagged stone in my shoe.”
Patrick Jones
“An angel once found a demon broken and nearly dead. The angel held out his arm to help the demond. The demond looked at the angel and asked 'Why would you save an evil demond like me?' The angel answered, 'Because without you there is no me.”
Patrick Jones, The Tear Collector
“What do you think it is to be normal?'
Why in the world would you want to be?' she says.
I don't know. I guess that's the problem.'
I don't think normal is that great.'
But so many people choose it,' I reply.
I don't think that's it at all. I think most everyone is normal and some of us, for whatever reason, choose to reject that and wear ruby red slippers or old black hats.'
Well, why do we choose the hard road?”
Patrick Jones, Nailed
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“Anything that makes you happy can make you sad.”
Patrick Jones, The Tear Collector
“I've learned to listen not to what peolpe have to say 4but how they say it. I watch them closly how they speak, in particular their eyes.Lips lie, but the eyes never do.”
Patrick Jones, The Tear Collector
“If you want to be saved, you’ve got to reach out your arms.”
Patrick Jones, Things Change
“It’s easy to watch someone else’s life crash and burn, harder to watch your own accident up close.”
Patrick Jones, Things Change
“That's life you know? It is all one big waiting room. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad. And then, like you, sometimes it's great.”
Patrick Jones, The Tear Collector
“Pass on the priveleged, piss on the rest.”
Patrick Jones
“There is eloquence in screaming.”
Patrick Jones
“The nail that sticks out the farthest is hit the hardest.”
Patrick Jones
“What are you planting in your subconscious? Are you filling it with things that will help you stick to your convictions or are you filling it with things that are going to pull you away from your faith?”
Patrick Jones, From Stressed To Blessed: A Short Blueprint for Biblical Stress Management

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