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“My mind is desperately trying to formulate the words to let him know, to show him that my feelings run so much deeper than what those three little words can describe. I need to make him feel the way he's just made me feel, and 'I love you' just doesn't seem adequate anymore.”
Elle Brooks, Promises Hurt
“You don’t need to be scared, Robyn. I’ll chase your monsters away.”
Elle Brooks, Reveal
“The tension’s starting to suffocate me and I need to change the subject. This girl makes me want to tell her the truth and I’ve only known her for about ten seconds. “You”
Elle Brooks, Promises Hurt
“Life is what happens while you’re waiting for it to happen. It’s not always extraordinary. Most people won’t get to realize all of their hopes and dreams, but they’ll be living out new ones they never knew they wanted.”
Elle Brooks, Forgotten Promises
“Ah, get over it. Everyone has a porno dream at some point, just not usually while watching a movie with their girlfriends,”
Elle Brooks, Promises Hurt

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