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“But who can divine the workings of a single human heart? Who really knows what a person thinks and believes when he or she decides to do whatever they do?”
Bryan Gruley, The Hanging Tree
“But on the night I changed his life, I sat with my feet up and a beer in my hand and decided that if something could make me feel this good for even one night, and it didn't hurt anyone who didn't deserve to be hurt, maybe it was something I could actually do, something I might actually be good at, something that might actually make somebody proud of me.”
Bryan Gruley, Starvation Lake
“Careful,” she shouted. “Be gentle with her.” The ambulance doors slammed shut as the Channel Eight van’s passenger door swung open. Out jumped a slim woman in a quilted black parka. She shot me a frown before bounding up the snowbank, waving a microphone over her head. “Sheriff! Sheriff Aho!”
Bryan Gruley, The Hanging Tree
“The true goal of capitalism is monopoly. That is all-total control of whatever market it is you choose to enter, so that you can do with it what you wish...”
Bryan Gruley, The Hanging Tree
“It was really just about the chasing and the catching.”
Bryan Gruley, Bleak Harbor

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