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“He downed the last of his coffee, carried his mug over to the pot, poured himself a refill, and returned to the table.
Why, yes, thank you, I'd love some more coffee. Hmmm, Narcisstic Personality Disorder? Attention Deficit Disorder? Or just a typical male?”
Lynda Hilburn, The Vampire Shrink
“Precipitate upon my erotic procession? Wha . . ?” I laughed, realizing what he meant to say. “Oh, you mean rain on my sex parade.”
Lynda Hilburn, Sex in a Coffin
“Relieved, my nipples hardened and my hormones, dressed in cheerleader costumes, formed a conga line and began calling out the letters of Devereux’s name, flailing their pom-poms across the landscape of my mind.”
Lynda Hilburn, Blood Therapy
“Now I’m not only a nerd — I’m a paranormal nerd. Lucky me!”
Lynda Hilburn, Blood Therapy
“A phantom vampire lover, a religious fanatic killer, and a beauty queen predator. Just another day in undead Oz.”
Lynda Hilburn, The Vampire Shrink
“When in doubt, brood.”
Lynda Hilburn, The Vampire Shrink
“I’ve been so afraid for myself that I didn’t think about you. What will I do if he hurts you? Who will be my therapist? How will I survive?” First rule of narcissism: it’s all about me.”
Lynda Hilburn, Blood Therapy

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