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“Writing is like eating Jelly with chopsticks. You know where you want the food to go, but you just can't get it there.”
Joanne McDonnell
“The room was built exactly as planned, hidden amongst a maze of pipes, water tanks and air conditioning ducts, inconspicuous to the point of invisibility. Inside, it was dark, foreboding and completely soundproof. Its walls and ceiling were solid and impenetrable with a single point of entry. It was the perfect room for storing your wine, old trophies or your newly acquired lycan.”
Joanne McDonnell, A Taste of Reality
“Vanda looked at Rema—pale skin with equally pale, almost colourless eyes; short bleached-white hair; and body, thin to the point of anorexia. Dressed entirely in white Vanda decided that if Death were a woman, she would be Rema.”
Joanne McDonnell, A Taste of Reality
“Too late, Cooper realised he had made a mistake by drawing attention to himself, and now the vampire was closing in on him. He found himself backed up against a mini-van looking up at a vampire, fangs glistening even in the dim light.”
Joanne McDonnell, A Taste of Reality
“You know your characters are truly alive, when they start to write their own story and take you to places you didn't expect.”
Joanne McDonnell, A Taste of Reality

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