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“If you keep picking at that scab on your heart, it won't heal.”
Antonia Perdu
“Different cities visit us daily, they exist in the clouds.”
Antonia Perdu
“Let the quiet tuck you in.

Let the quiet massage your shoulder.

Let the quiet embrace you; feeling all the dimensions of your skin.

Feel the quiet between your toes.

Behind your earlobes.

Under your tongue.

Over the space above your heart.

In the cells regenerating from the wounds.

Let it permeate through your blood.

Indigo & Cyan.

Eyes watching Zion.

Be the quiet

Antonia Perdu
“Mothers yielding Bibles, contemplating smearing the blood of lamb chops over her doorway. Anything to keep her son alive another day.”
Antonia Perdu
“What are we doing? Are we talking? Are we having fun? Are we building, destroying, remembering, or forgetting love?”
Antonia Perdu
“The enigma.
The flowers that bloom in the dark shine the brightest.
We bloom from the moonlight.”
Antonia Perdu
“I jumped into a crowd full of "u"s they turned into underscores. Hit the pavement hard.” visualization words”
Antonia Perdu
“I am at times prisoner to the darkness. Light will find a way in I am always assured. The sun has not died. The moon has not died. I live.”
Antonia Perdu
“Et itah se au ma! It is as you wish!”
Antonia Perdu
“Dear Optimism, nice to see you. I've got an extra room, how about you stay for a while.”
Antonia Perdu
“beauty tip for the world, go read a book”
Antonia Perdu
“Who goes to the beach without trying to touch the water? The one who cannot see the water, but if the blind wishes to FEEL the water, he shall not retreat, just as long as he holds hands with FAITH.”
Antonia Perdu
“When I'm not writing, I'm thinking about writing. Filling pages and people with inspiration. When my thoughts don't want to rest on a page, we argue. We argue that one merely is ready just too comfortable playing in The Nile [denial] river. So we compromise. We grow,
water metaphors
and plant simile trees
of golden-almond
manifested love dreams.
Then at that moment, we forgot what we were arguing about.
Beauty can do that for you.
That's the beauty of writing.”
Antonia Perdu
“He whom is without typos, throw the first stone.”
Antonia Perdu
“I know gray areas too well. I write for silent audiences.”
Antonia Perdu
“We have lift off of the third Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF-3) communication satellite at 4:44 a.m”
Antonia Perdu
“Soulcial Shit. [Fertilizer]
you climbed under the skin I’m trying to escape.”
Antonia Perdu
“Merry a mind is

of a weeping willow

roots raising concrete

be in

fit out

all abstract.”
Antonia Perdu
“les points d'alimentation
that discuss
power points
and targets of soft
Sweet Açaí
fell in love with
Paint my skin with honey
activate the points of power

que discuter
les points d’alimentation
et les objectifs de mou
acai doux
tombé en amour avec
Peindre ma peau avec du miel
activer les points de puissance”
Antonia Perdu
“We were bullied, broken, built up, bronzed and polished.
We grew dull, dusty, doubtful, dark, and forgetful.
Yet we still know that we can love deeply.”
Antonia Perdu
tags: lovers
“Her words were like the hammer. My stance was of a nail. I didn't need those callous words on my once strong shell. Hammered. Hammered. Words on my shoulder blades. All of my great feelings concave.”
Antonia Perdu
“Turn bad thoughts into concrete so you can build a strong foundation.”
Antonia Perdu
tags: medusa
“May inspiration travel and always return 360 degrees.”
Antonia Perdu

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