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“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask "What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”
Erin Hanson
“Because the birdsong might be pretty,
But it's not for you they sing,
And if you think my winter is too cold,
You don't deserve my spring.”
Erin Hanson
“What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”
Erin Hanson
“Do not hold your breath for anyone,
Do not wish your lungs to be still,
It may delay the cracks from spreading,
But eventually they will.
Sometimes to keep yourself together
You must allow yourself to leave,
Even if breaking your own heart
Is what it takes to let you breathe.”
Erin Hanson
“Who says paper worlds
Are an escape from what is real?
As though the lives trapped in their binding
Are not ones that make you feel.
For sometimes our greatest lessons
Come from those with ink for skin,
Who reach beyond the page
To take our hand and pull us in.”
Erin Hanson
“It's not the endings that will haunt you
But the space where they should lie,
The things that simply faded
Without one final wave goodbye.”
Erin Hanson
“Don't ever think you're alone here,
We've just been trapped in different hells,
And people aren't against you dear,
They're just all for themselves.”
Erin Hanson
“Her soul is a kaliedoscope
Bursting with every shade and hue
But shift your gaze ever so slightly
And she's something entirely new.”
Erin Hanson
“My mother always told me
No monster lived beneath my bed,
But she had failed to warn me
It laid on top of it instead.”
Erin Hanson
“If I could tell you only one thing. My message would be this: The world would be a lonely place if you did not exist.”
Erin Hanson
“There is a fable in the forest
Whispered by the branches, as they blow.
A tale about the truth of leaving
Things that no longer help you grow.
For on the surface it looks simple,
Like you only need lace your boots,
But there is nothing quite as painful
As untangling your roots.
And proof is found in tree stumps
Of the price some pay to flee,
That they would cut their lives in half
To cut the time before they're free.
Yet from the little left behind
Life has been known to grow again,
For unless you take your roots
A part of you will still remain.”
Erin Hanson
“Why must it be so hard
For us to come to understand,
That there are things we cannot change
Hidden amongst the things we can?
For we can rearrange our hearts,
Dust out the corners of our minds,
We can teach our eyes to see
Only the things we wish to find.
Yet once we decorate our walls
And sweep our sorrows off the floor,
Why do we look to someone else,
To show us how we can be more?
For here is where the line
Between our can and can't gets tough,
Just the point at which we all must learn
That we are already enough,
That since we cannot choose the home,
Our only soul was born into,
We should rearrange its rooms
But learn to love its window's view.”
Erin Hanson
“Life is unpredictable,
It changes with the seasons,
Even your coldest winter
Happens for the best of reasons,
And though it feels eternal,
Like all you'll ever do is freeze,
I promise spring is coming,
And with it, brand new leaves”
Erin Hanson
“I lend everyone my ear,
But nobody my heart,
And I sure would like to change that,
But I don't know where to start,
I smile more to myself,
Than the world will ever see,
Because the only time my smile is real,
Is in my own company,
People don't know how I feel,
They never even ask,
It seems I have fooled them all,
They can't see past my mask,
If they were with me late at night,
When the world was still asleep,
Maybe I'd let them sort,
Through the secrets that I keep,
But when I wake at 2am,
Nobody is ever there,
And I learnt that why I hide my heart,
Is because no-one really cares.”
Erin Hanson
“If one of the things you believe in,
Is that this world's an ugly place,
You must have never gone outside at,
And stared up into space,
You haven't felt the way the air changes,
In the minutes before it rains,
Or watched the world pass by below,
Out the window of a plane,
You've never been awake so early,
That you see the moment the sun starts to rise,
And you've never lain with your back on the grass,
And made shapes with the clouds in the sky,
But maybe if you've done all this,
But still don't believe it's not true,
It's because you can't see all the beauty,
That I see when I look at you" ~e.h.”
Erin Hanson, Reverie
“The irony of life
Is our greatest fear is to forget,
Yet it's the only certain fate
That anything has ever met.
We know one day our earth
Will find itself victim to time,
That nothing will be left
To tell of your story or mine,
And still through life we rush
Scrambling for something to remember,
Perish the thought that ash be ash
And not the memory of an ember.”
Erin Hanson
“Your blindness to my downfall,
Has gone too far to be a joke,
As I stand ablaze before you,
And you tell me you smell smoke.”
Erin Hanson
“Stories aren't just stories if they've been read through before, for once a cover has been opened they turn into something more. A fingerprint of everyone who's ever turned its pages and a bookmark of the you you were when read at different ages. It's as though with each reread you leave a piece of you behind, a sliver of the past pressed for your future self to find. Until it's no longer the story that makes you pull it from the shelf, but the chance to reunite with younger versions of yourself.”
Erin Hanson
“You must look for constellations in the orange city lights. View each streetlamp as a star that's simply fallen from the night. So that even tired of footsteps feel like learning how to fly, and you're never truly trapped right where the earth touches the sky. Then when your world is turned upside down, you'll know no matter where you are, that you will always have the chance to fall asleep among the stars.”
Erin Hanson
“There are ghosts of yourself scattered everywhere,
Whispers of a moment suspended in time,
Where every life that you've brushed up against
Now lives with a piece of you trapped in their mind.”
Erin Hanson
“Perhaps we only leave
So we may once again arrive,
To get a bird's eye view
Of what it means to be alive.
For there is beauty in returning,
Oh how wonderful, how strange,
To see that everything is different
But know it's only you who's changed.”
Erin Hanson
“What if I fall? Oh, but darling, what if you fly?”
Erin Hanson
“If there's empty spaces in your heart,
They'll make you think it's wrong,
Like having empty spaces,
Means you never can be strong,
But I've learned that all these spaces,
Means there's room enough to grow,
And the people that once filled them,
Were always meant to be let go,
And all these empty spaces,
Create a strange sort of pull,
That attract so many people,
You wouldn't meet if they were full,
So if you're made of empty spaces,
Don't ever think it's wrong,
Because maybe they're just empty,
Until the right person comes along.”
Erin Hanson, Reverie
“I once had a mind of quicksand,
That dragged ideas into its depths,
Inhaling specks of sunlight,
Every time I drew a breath,
But the world thought me a hazard,
When every word I spoke, I meant,
So around me they put caution tape,
And filled me with cement.”
Erin Hanson
“What if I fall?"
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”
Erin Hanson
“If I could tell you only one thing,
My message would be this:
The world would be a lonely place
If you did not exist.”
Erin Hanson
“what if I fall? oh, my darling, but if you fly?”
Erin Hanson

You may not believe in magic,

But don't you think it strange,

The amount of matter in our universe,

Has never slightly changed,

That all which makes your body,

Was once part of something more,

And every breath you ever breathe,

Has seen it all before,

There are countless scores of beauty,

In all the things that you despise,

It could once have been a shooting star,

That now makes up your thighs,

And atoms of forgotten life,

Who've long since ceased to roam,

May now have the great honour,

To call your crooked smile their home,

You may not believe in magic,

But I thought that you should know,

The makings of your heart were born,

Fourteen billion years ago,

So next time you feel lonely,

When this world makes you feel small,

Just remember that it's part of you,

And you're part of it all.”
Erin Hanson
“What if I fall? Oh but what if you fly?”
Erin Hanson
“-What if I fall?
-Oh but darling, what if you fly?

Erin Hanson

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