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“Some stories won't have a happy ending, but there's always hope that the next one will. Hope is everything. Even when there's nothing else. Especially when there's nothing else.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“My Keeper took everything from me: my home, my family, my voice. He made me powerless. But I'm home now. It may be split in two, but I have it back. My family may be broken, but I have it back. I have my voice back. I am not powerless anymore.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“Do it double, because some can't do it at all.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“Alexa's face whitens. The coil of hair loosens itself from her finger. "You did it for me. You never fought back. Because you thought you were keeping me safe."
I pull up my gaze to meet hers. "Yeah."
"I--" It's a strangled, high-pitched sound, laced with shock and grief. Then she bites her lips shut. Her chin trembles, just once, before she turns away.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“My sister has never not told me something before. We used to share every secret, every thought. While I was in the attic, it felt like we were forever far away. Now I'm with her again. We're so close that we're touching, but there's still a distance between us.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“The only thing that gave me comfort in the attic was thinking about my family. Now I'm home, but it's not the home I imagined. Not the family I imagined. I'd convinced myself that they'd continued on with their happy, carefree lives without me, that they were doing it double, because I couldn't do it at all.
I was wrong.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“Each second of my four years, two months, and seven days in the attic dragged on forever, and nothing ever changed. But outside the attic, everything changed, and so violently fast. Destruction and devastation for all of us, whether we were in the attic or out.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“I say to my sister, "I thought you were doing the things in our Dream Book. I was sure of it."
"Why would I do that stuff without you?"
"Because you could."
"Well, you were wrong.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“Something contracts in my chest. The air shifts, grows heavy and dense as mud. Alexa twists her hair around her finger and whispers, "Didn't you even try to escape, Charlotte?”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“Hope is made of air, and wishes. An empty box wrapped in shiny paper.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“Hope is made of air, and wishes. An empty box wrapped in shiny paper.
And now Dad wants me to be the ambassador of hope for his foundation. How can I be the ambassador of hope, when hope doesn't change anything? When unrealized hopes only bring pain and despair?”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“Dad thinks I'm ready to fly around the country as the Ambassador of Hope, but Mom thinks I'm a frail little bird with broken wings.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“So many cameras are on me. This press conference is going to be on every news channel and posted on the internet. Thousands, maybe millions of people will see me. And they will all be thinking: Victim. Victim. Victim.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“My friend Bailey is looking at me with tears in her eyes and a smile of pure joy. She sees me, the real me, not the broken little bird that my mother sees, or the Ambassador of Hope that my father sees, or the girl who was stupid enough to walk off with a stranger and ruin everyone's lives that my sister sees. Bailey sees me as I want to be: a normal, non-newsworthy, non-broken, non-victimized sixteen-year-old girl.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“My father is using me as a message of hope. My sister is using me as a message of fear.
I don't want to be used by anybody.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath
“My Keeper's house. Right there. Brown shingles, dark red shutters, yellow-and-black police tape wrapped around the massive tree trunks. The attic window looks out over the yard and the world narrows until that attic window is the only thing I can see.”
Clara Kensie, Aftermath

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