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“It is a risk to love.
What if it doesn't work out?
Ah, but what if it does.”
Peter McWilliams
“there is nothing to be done.

only accept it...

and hurt.”
Peter McWilliams, How to Survive the Loss of a Love
“When we put things off until some future-probably mythical-Laterland, we drag the past into the future. The burden of yesterday's incompletions is a heavy load to carry. Don't carry it.”
Peter McWilliams
“Don't accept the limitations of other people who claim things are 'unchangeable'. If it's written in stone, bring your hammer and chisel.”
Peter McWilliams
“Stubborness is also determination. It's simply a matter of shifting from "won't power" to "will power.”
Peter McWilliams
“You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought”
Peter McWilliams
“Fear is something to be moved through, not something to be turned from.”
Peter McWilliams
“Our thoughts create our reality -- where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.”
Peter McWilliams
“I'd have a nervous breakdown except that I've been through this too many times to be nervous.”
Peter McWilliams
“Pain (any pain--emotional, physical, mental) has a message.
The information it has about our life can be remarkably
specific, but it usually falls into one of two categories: We
would be more alive if we did more of this and Life would be
more lovely if we did less of that. Once we get the pain's
message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away.

Peter McWilliams
“Worrying is the interest paid on a debt you may not owe.”
Peter McWilliams
“Do what you love and the necessary resources will follow.”
Peter McWilliams, Do It!: Let's Get Off Our Buts
“Negative thinking is always expensive -- dragging us down mentally, emotionally, and physically -- hence I refer to any indulgence in it as a luxury.”
Peter McWilliams
“The news media are, for the most part, the bringers of bad news… and it’s not entirely the media’s fault, bad news gets higher ratings and sells more papers than good news.”
Peter McWilliams
tags: media, news
“There is more empty space in the book you're holding, than book. The electrons in the atoms of the book are moving so fast, they give the illusion of solid ink on solid paper. It's not. It's just an illusion. If all the electrons would stop moving for even an instant, the book would not just crumble into dust, it would disappear. Poof”
Peter McWilliams, Portable Life 101
“The more severe the pain or illness, the more severe will be the necessary changes. These may involve breaking bad habits, or acquiring some new and better ones.”
Peter McWilliams
“what would the masters do?

when people arn’t successful, they sometimes wonder, why not? they get answers, then they wonder why those answers don’t seem to meet their needs. they get the wrong answers, and they get upset about it. perhaps they’re really getting the right answers, but answering the wrong questions.

too many people ask nothing but “Why” questions.
they analyze and analyse problems - but no solution. “you can analyse a glass of water and you’re left with a lot of chemical components, but nothing you can drink”.

“Why?” questions can drive us crazy. “What?” questions drive us sane.

What questions lead us to practical solutions.”
Peter McWilliams
“Life is not a struggle. It’s a wiggle.”
Peter McWilliams, Surviving the Loss of a Love
“What if it doesn't work out? Ah, but what if it does.”
Peter McWilliams
“Some of what we learned early on turned out to be true (the earth is round; if you want a friend be a friend; cleanliness is next to impossible) and some of it turned out to be false (Santa Claus; the Tooth Fairy; Kansas is more fun than Oz).”
Peter McWilliams

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