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“I intend to extract a kiss from those bee-stung lips of yours for every minute of that time—when the time is right. I will kiss you till you beg for mercy. Then I’ll kiss you elsewhere, right between your legs. I intend to eat you for hours, until you beg for my cock. And then I will fuck you until you pass out from screaming my name. And if you think those are just words, that I don’t intend to rock your fucking world, then I feel sorry for you. Because the reality will blow your goddamn mind.”
Zara Cox, High
“I love you, more than I’ll ever find adequate words to describe. Every breath I take starts and ends with you. For as long as I live, I won’t deserve you. But I’m still a selfish bastard who wants you and wants nothing more in the world than for you to say you’ll be mine for the rest of our lives.”
Zara Cox, Wicked S.O.B.
“Do you like me in your head, Quinn?” she asked softly.
My teeth grit for a second. “More than is good for you.”
Zara Cox, Beautiful Liar
“What’s Elly short for?”
She stays silent for a long time. “I don’t think this is a good idea,” she eventually says.
“For you to tell me your name? You don’t think you can trust me?”
She laughs. “The guy who tells me to run? What do you think?”
“I think you shouldn’t trust me. But I want to know anyway. Eleanor.”
“Eloise. Ella. Arabella. Petronella. Mariella.”
“Hmm, I’m running out of options. Elephant.”
zara cox
“Once upon a time, when my addled state didn’t know better, I stupidly believed the phenomenon of our gazes connecting had the power to stop the world from spinning.”
Zara Cox, Black Sheep
“From her, I’ll take anything I can fucking get. And set the whole fucking world alight for a chance to have more.”
Zara Cox, Black Sheep
“The only tangible thing is her, in my arms. I hang on, fighting for breath, pleading for mercy and blessings I don’t deserve.”
Zara Cox, Wicked S.O.B.
“She touched her glass to his. “You think it’s going to be more than seven?” His eyes consumed her. “Baby, seven is the minimum number I plan to reach when it comes to the list of highs I intend to achieve with you.”
Zara Cox, SPIRAL
“Love comes with responsibility. Whether you want to admit it or not, you’re responsible for him. It’s your name he toasts to every time he gulps down a mouthful of whiskey, and trust me, he does that very often. It’s your name he screams out for in his sleep.”
Zara Cox, Beautiful Liar

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