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“Well that’s open to debate,’ he said. 'It sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, and I hate the thought of you throwing yourself at guys just to try and get laid. Christ, I’d do you myself if I thought it would keep you safe.’

‘Now that’s true friendship,’ I said, cracking under the severity of his tone.”
Aurelia B. Rowl, Popping the Cherry
“In no mood for one of her silly games, I snatched it off her and scanned the page. It turned out to be a list of names, all of them boys, and some of whom I recognised. And then I noticed the title: ‘Operation: Popping the Cherry’. I leaped to my feet and fired a glare at each of them in turn, trying not to shout. ‘Are you shitting me?”
Aurelia B. Rowl, Popping the Cherry
“Quick, somebody call the caretaker!’ Gemma’s stage voice rang out loud and clear. ‘There’s some trash here that needs to be taken out.’ She earned a chorus of laughs as she walked towards us, then came to a standstill right beside me. ‘Christ, it reeks, too,’ she said, pinching her nose. ‘What did you do, Malice? Douse yourself in the whole bottle? Oh, never mind. I don’t expect you to have heard of the adage “less is more”.”
Aurelia B. Rowl, Popping the Cherry
“Hell no," his voice came out much deeper than usual, and his head was scrambled, making him say what was really on his mind. "It's taking everything I've got not to brace you against a tree and have my wicked way with you.”
Aurelia B Rowl, Christmas is Cancelled
“Come on, T-Bird," he said, getting to his feet and reaching for her hand. He hoisted her up onto her feet whether she wanted him to or not. "Before we both end up with hypothermia."
"T-Bird?" She shot him with the eyebrow again. "So does that make you a Pink Lady?”
Aurelia B Rowl, Christmas is Cancelled
“What part of being stranded in a shack and risking hypothermia is romantic?”
Aurelia B Rowl, Christmas is Cancelled
“Christ, Dean, I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember, but even I can take a hint eventually.”
Aurelia B Rowl, Christmas is Cancelled

I had no contacts in, no make-up on, my hair was a frizzy state, my bum was on show for the whole world to see and, for the piéce de resistance, I also happened to be hanging upside-down from a tree.”
Aurelia B. Rowl, A Girl Called Malice

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