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“You don’t have to be strong, or fast, or impressive. Just consistent.
The rest will come.”
Randall Allen Dunn
“They're not wolves.”
Randall Allen Dunn, The Red Rider
“Stand up and do something.”
Randall Allen Dunn, The Red Rider
“I said it before and I shall say it again: Coming to Africa was a bad idea!”
Randall Allen Dunn, High Adventure: The Solomon Ring of Kilimanjaro
“The church is not a social club, which votes certain people in and excludes others, based on the way they look, dress, or sound. The church is not a political machine, that seeks to gain ground by voting in certain candidates and voting out others.
Too many people outside the church think that the church is nothing more than a political entity or an exclusive club that rejects “certain people” outright. Sadly, too many people within the church keep proving them right.
This must end.”
Randall Allen Dunn

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