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“If love doesn't make a fool of us, what will?”
Nora Roberts, Tears of the Moon
“Like he cared about a lot of stupid settlers and Indians and soldiers who hung around out here before he was even born. Hell, before his prehistoric grandparents had been born.
Who gave a shit about Crazy Horse and Sitting Bullshit. He cared about X-Men and the box scores.”
Nora Roberts, Black Hills
tags: humor
“Tom: If you love with kindness, even when you can't love with permanence, you'll deserve the one who's worthy along that path for you.”
Nora Roberts, Born in Shame
“Why do I find it irresistible when you tell me to go to hell so politely?”
Nora Roberts, The MacGregors: Serena & Caine
“The way he saw it, poker and life had a lot in common. You played the cards you were dealt, figured the odds, took the gamble or not. And when your cards were shit, you bluffed if the pot was worth it, and if you had balls.”
Nora Roberts
“I can't say I cared much for you when I first came back. There's that crappy attitude of yours, and you're ugly, but you kind of grow on a guy."
Immensely cheered, Seth snickered. "You're uglier."
"I'm bigger, I'm entitled. So I guess I'll hang around to see if you get any prettier as time goes on."
"I didn't really want you to go," Seth said under his breath after a long moment. It was the closest he could get to speaking his heart.
"I know.”
Nora Roberts, Sea Swept
“She gazed toward the marsh that grew thicker, deeper, greener with approaching summer. Mosquitoes whined in there, breeding in the dark water. Alligators slid through it, silent death. It was a place where snakes could slither and bogs could suck the shoe right off your foot.
And it was a place, she thought, that went bright and beautiful with the twinkling of fireflies, where wildflowers thrived in the shade and the stingy light. Where an eagle could soar like a king.
There was no beauty without risk. No life without it.”
Nora Roberts, Carolina Moon
“Men are boys in bigger packages.”
Nora Roberts, The Next Always
“Give them your brains, girl, never your guts.”
Nora Roberts, Genuine Lies
“He'd find out, he thought and nodded as he rose. " Are you worried about you? "
It surprised her, the gentleness in his voice, the light brush of his knuckles over her jaw. She could lean against him, she realized with a jolt. She could lay her head on that shoulder, close her eyes, and for a moment at least, everything would be all right.
She nearly stepped forward before she decided it would be foolish. " You're not going to be nice to me, are you? "
" Maybe. " It might have been the confusion in her eyes, or that sultry scent that wafted from her skin, but he needed to touch. He laid his hands on her shoulders, rubbed while his eyes stayed on hers. " Do you need help?”
Nora Roberts, Daring to Dream
tags: love
“You changed what was between us. You took the step, and I didn't see it coming. I can't be sorry for that when I'm so damn grateful for it. I don't know if you were always the one," he said again. "But I know you're the one now, and I know you're going to be the one tomorrow, and next month, next year. And you're going to be the one for the rest of my life.”
Nora Roberts, Savor the Moment
“You mess with one Quinn, you mess with them all.”
Nora Roberts, Sea Swept
“You did that on purpose."
"Did what on purpose?"
"Wore the don't-touch suit and the sex goddess perfume at the same time just to drive me crazy."
"Listen to the suit, Quinn. Dream about the perfume.”
Nora Roberts, Sea Swept
“Cut it out!" Phillip exploded. "Cut it out right now or I swear I'm going to pull over and knock your heads together. Oh, my God." He took one hand off the wheel to drag it down his face. "I sound like Mom. Forget it. Just forget it. Kill each other. I'll dump the bodies in the mall parking lot and drive to Mexico. I'll learn how to weave mats and sell them on the beach at Cozumel. I'll be quiet, it'll be peaceful. I'll change my name to Raoul, and no one will know I was ever related to a bunch of fools."
Seth scratched his belly and turned to Cam. "Does he always talk like that?"
"Yeah, mostly. Sometimes he's going to be Pierre and live in a garret in Paris, but it's the same thing."
"Weird," was Seth's only comment. (...) Getting new shows was turning into a new adventure.”
Nora Roberts, Sea Swept
“Why were there no buoys in life to show you the way?”
Nora Roberts, Treasures: Secret Star\Treasures Lost, Treasures Found
“What was your secret?"

That brought another smile. "Learn to laugh, otherwise, you'll beat them to death with a hammer first chance”
Nora Roberts, Blood Brothers
“Being dead didn't make Jack Mercy any less of a son of a bitch”
Nora Roberts, Montana Sky
“Getting a room's not always enough. Sometimes you gotta close the door.”
Nora Roberts, Chasing Fire
“That has not yet been put to the test. I got my fourth-degree black belt this winter. When I make martial arts noises, thousands flee in terror. Don't test me."

"Can you hear that? It's my knees knocking."

"They're wise to fear me.”
Nora Roberts, Chasing Fire
“Body adornments show that we're aware of our bodies and expect others to be aware as well.”
Nora Roberts
“To fate and the strange way that it twists us all together.”
Nora Roberts
tags: fate
“And still she felt more confident at the prospect of taking on the Russian Mafia than she did attending a backyard barbecue.”
Nora Roberts, The Witness
“I want you more than I should," she heard herself say. "I have you less than I want.”
Nora Roberts, Summer Desserts
“You love tests?"
"Well, yeah. There are questions and answers. True or false, multiple choice, essay. What's not to love?”
Nora Roberts, Tribute
“Falling in love has nothing to do with time. It can take a year, or an instant. It happens when its ready to happen.”
Nora Roberts, Courting Catherine
“The man that put that hurt look in your eyes, could be worth everything, or nothing at all.”
Nora Roberts, For the Love of Lilah
“Told you not to tell her.”

“That's not how I work things. That's not how you build a relationship.”

“Build a relationship.” Ryder snorted as he sent the drill whirling again. “You've been reading again.”

“Blow me.”
Nora Roberts, The Next Always
“She's the light. Before, you can fumble around in the dark or manage in the dim. You don't even know it's dim because that's the way it's always been. But then, she's the light. Everything changes. If the light shuts off, or worse, you're stupid enough to shut it off yourself, it's a hell of a lot darker than before.”
Nora Roberts
“Do you always get away with the outrageous?"
"Mostly. Are you always s beautiful in the morning?"
"Don't waste your charm."
"It's all right, I have more.”
Nora Roberts, The MacGregors: Serena & Caine
“Studies show adolescent males often make decisions based on sex. Many fail to grow out of it.”
Nora Roberts, The Witness
tags: humor, sex

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