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“I've got a lot of homework to do, and none of it has anything to do with school.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“Sometimes you can lock the doors and close the blinds, but the monsters are still there inside your house, sleeping and breathing and just waiting to wake up and terrorize you all over again.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous
“She ever marry?"
The no sounds like "not in a million years." Like Aunt Alice couldn't marry, like she has one arm and horns sticking out of her head and she talks in tongues. Or maybe has several tongues to talk with.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“What?" I ask. I don't get anything about this day. Everything is just off.
"Are you sure?"
"Am I sure where I live? Yeah. Steeple Drive."
"Your cabin is on this road?"
"Is it just me, or is everything I'm saying slightly freaking you out?”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“Was she always that friendly?" I joke.
"She saw Robert. At least I got that out of her."
"Maybe she buried him in the backyard."
"Did you smell it in there?"
"That wasn't a normal smell. That wasn't the sort of something's-gone-bad-in-the-garbage smell. That was the sort of Dahmer-next-door smell."
"Stop it."
"I'm serious," I say.
"It's probably just some dead animal."
"Oh, well, in that case, it's fine.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“This is Teenage madness.
Trapped in a room knowing there's more outside.
Trapped listening to a teacher talk about Hemingway as if each sentence and word had mythical importance.
Trapped knowing she is in the room with me.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“Home should never be dark or full of shadows and secrets. It should be bright and full of open doors. It should be full of stories wanting to be told.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous
“Singing about being rescued will never get old. Never.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous
“If you knew the world was about to end, what would you say? Or maybe the question should be, if this world was going to end, whom would you tell?”
Travis Thrasher, The Remaining
“A dark world only makes the brighter moments shine that much more.”
Travis Thrasher, The Remaining
“I'm sixteen with what I hope will be a long life ahead, but I'm willing to give it up, to give anything to let her live, to let her make it through the night.”
Travis Thrasher
“Things like this don't happen back in Libertyville, Illinois.

You don't get lost in the woods behind your house.

You don't get trapped inside a fortress-like wall ten feet tall.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“Sometimes it seems his whole life revolves around watching and waiting. Waiting for the right moment, waiting for the right memory to capture. Hoping for that perfect minute where everything finally comes together.”
Travis Thrasher, The Remaining
“You spend long moments worrying and wondering only to see the wash up on the shore of a sea of wasted hours. Only to see them stranded on the island of foolishness. He wants that time back. He wants that energy back.”
Travis Thrasher, The Remaining
“This place is just a trailer for a film, Brandon. Our lives here. Heaven is like the movie. Except there’s only one trailer before the movie. And the movie won’t ever end.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous
“You can stand in the middle of a street and let the drops fall on you and feel refreshed. It's like God's little sprinkler.”
Travis Thrasher, Marvelous
“For parents, the days are long but the years are short.”
Travis Thrasher, A Robertson Family Christmas
“This is teenage madness.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“Maybe I'll buy a camera and videotape myself 'a la Paranormal Activity style. Then I'll be able to watch myself sleepwalking and getting up to make pancakes and then standing over Midnight dangling a peice of bacon.”
Travis Thrasher, Temptation
tags: chris
“I'll be taking a two-hour after-school class twice a week for seven and a half weeks.
After those thirty hours of classroom time, which will bring me to the end of March, I'll need six hours behind the wheel.
And then and only then will I be able to drive.
I do the math in my mind as I speed home on my motorcycle from the firdt class.”
Travis Thrasher, Hurt
“We eventually come to a one-story house that looks as though it's on its way to becoming one with the forest surrounding it. "Seriously?"
Mom looks at me with a glance that says so much.
Be quiet, for one thing.
Get out, for another.
Mind your manners is surely in there.
And last but not least, This is freaking crazy.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“There's no light bulb lit. I half wonder if there's any power to light one.
"Aunt Alice?"
A round goblin comes out of the darkness of the hallway.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“I can't help but think of the dance that I'm not going to.
It's not that I want to go to a dance. I'd go milk cows with Jocelyn if I could. Or do whatever kids around here do for fun.”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary
“When you’re someone who likes control, this world can often resemble staring into a broken mirror. You see the sharp, ragged edges but lose sight of yourself.”
Travis Thrasher, The Remaining
“Part of me doesn't even know if we're together. I mean, we are-she likes me, and I want to run off to Mexico with her. So yeah, that's together, right?
I guess I don't need a ring or anything.”
Travis Thrasher, Temptation
tags: chris
“We all make mistakes. There’s a place we can take those to. There’s a thing we can nail them to.” Her eyes close for a moment and she sees the cross in the shadows of the fading light. “You can nail it to the cross and let it go, Dan. You can let someone else take that burden.”
Travis Thrasher, The Remaining
“Suddenly, I can't move. I can't speak. I am set in stone, but it's a glorious chiseled sort of stone.”
Travis Thrasher, Wonder
“Writing a novel is like taking a long cross-country journey. The hardest part is getting going, making sure you have all the items you need to take with you, double- and triple-checking that the route you’re taking is the best way. So often you leave your driveway and start north when you realize you actually needed to head southwest. I’ve never written a novel without a certain number of false starts. And it never seems to get easier. Part of me thinks it only gets harder.”
Travis Thrasher, Three Roads Home
“I want to cry. Like a serious mushy cry a middle-school girl might do after her favorite vampire couple has a baby or something.”
Travis Thrasher, Hurt
“let you down
let you go
let you die”
Travis Thrasher, Solitary

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