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“I hope they understand that I'm not angry, I'm just saying... Sometimes goodbye is a second chance.”
“There's a hard life for every silver spoon.
There's a touch of gray for every shade of blue.
That's the way I see life.
If there was nothing wrong...
Then there'd be nothing right.”
Shinedown, Shinedown: The Sound of Madness
“Please don't cry one tear for me, I'm not afraid of what I have to say.This is my one and only voice, so listen close... it's only for today.”
“Don't be delicate, be vast and brilliant.”
“I just saw Hayley's Comet, she waved, said "Why you always running in place? Even the man in the Moon disappeared
somewhere in the stratosphere.”
“You can sleep with a gun, but when you gonna wake up and fight for yourself?”
Shinedown, Shinedown: The Sound of Madness
“You can put a man on trial, but you can't make the guilty pay.”
“All you'll ever be is a faded memory of a bully.”
“I dare you to tell me to walk through fire Wear my soul and call me a liar...”
Shinedown, Shinedown - Us and Them
“What a shame, what a shame, to judge a life that you can't change... What a shame to have to beg you to see, we're not all the same.”
“I kept my whole life in suitcase,
Never really stayed in one place,
Maybe that's the way it should be,
You know I live my life like a gypsy.”
“DAMN! damn it all down
took one to the chest without even a sound so
WHAT! what are you worth
the things you love or the people you hurt
HEY! it's like deja vu
a suicidal maniac with nothing to lose
so wait, it's the exception to the rule
everyone of us in EXPENDABLE”
Shinedown, Shinedown: The Sound of Madness
“You see there's no real ending, it's only the beginning, come out and play.”
tags: song
“Sometimes the curiosity can kill the soul but leave the pain.”
“And contrariwise what it is it wouldn't be
And what it wouldn't be it would
You see?”
Shinedown, Shinedown: The Sound of Madness
“What a shame to have beg you to see we're not all the same”
Shinedown, Shinedown: The Sound of Madness
“And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45,
swimming through the ashes of another life,
no real reason to accept the way things have changed,
staring down the barrel of a 45.”
“Whisper in the yard and turn the trees all into toys
Lay there on the ground, and turn the dirt into your joy
From what I see and what I know, it's all been boring lately
So I suggest we trade a question mark in for a maybe
Time your riddles right, and make a point that has no sense
Make sure that you're smiling, and the money's been well spent
Innocence and ignorance, it all goes hand in hand
I'm not sure that I'm right, but I hope you'll understand
I hope that you're still searching for the start that has no end
And all the plastic people have now become your friends
Before you start to drift and your soul begins to scream
I just wanted to tell you that you're listening to a dream”

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