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“Hey have you noticed-"
“People are staring at us. Yes I have and I have to admit it’s a little weird,” He finished for me.”
Sydney Proctor, Destiny Of Silis
“Can you kiss me here?”
Sydney Proctor, Destiny Of Silis
“I pulled her to me under the covers, resting her head under my chin. I kissed her head lightly and whispered words of love to her. From now on, I’d tell her how much I loved her every day.”
Sydney Proctor, The Great Unification
“I sighed. "Why are you doing this?" He began to interrupt me but I stopped him by continuing. "You threaten me in a restaurant, you team up with Parker, you two kidnap me yet you feel sorry, you're kind to me and you get beat up for defending me."
"That's a heavy question."
"I like a little weight to my questions.”
Sydney Proctor, The Great Unification
“He continued to drive slowly to match the pace of my walking. "Ditching school or having lunch?"
"Is it ditching if you signed out?"
"Maybe. Come on Maia, let me give you a ride."
Sydney Proctor, The Great Unification

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