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“You thought I didn’t notice the way you two looked at each other? I may be old but I’m not blind. I remember that
feeling. The spark, the electricity... ”
I had to interject before I got the unabridged version of Anjali Does Mumbai.”
Nicola Marsh, Busted in Bollywood
“Late twenties, single, female. Do the math.
Flirty flings were fabulous until you hit the big three-O, all downhill
from there. Biological clocks started ticking like time bombs waiting to
detonate, gravity exerted more force on your life than your mom, and
suddenly, the dog-ugliest creep looked like Jake Gyllenhaal.”
Nicola Marsh, Busted in Bollywood
“All pomp and show.” Anjali’s glare at the house would’ve exploded bricks if she’d had superhuman powers. “A fat cow needs a big barn.”
Nicola Marsh, Busted in Bollywood
“Women equate men with mascara. Both run at the first sign of emotion. Prove them wrong.”
Nicola Marsh, Crazy Love
“She swallowed and resisted the urge to run her iced coffee across her brow as he smiled. A triumphant smile that said he knew exactly how his nearness affected her and was loving every minute of it, a sexy smile that drew her gaze to the groove in his cheek.”
Nicola Marsh, Crazy Love
“You're nuttier than a jar of peanut butter.”
Nicola Marsh, Wanton Heat

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