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“Because if Rob was going to hell, Gamelyn wasn't going to let him go alone.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Greenwode
“History is chronicled by conquerors.”
J Tullos Hennig
“Say my name,' he pleaded. 'Just tell me who I am.' 'Gamelyn,' it was soft as swan down”
J. Tullos Hennig, Shirewode
“I'll give you this much; it might be our dagger”
J. Tullos Hennig, Shirewode
“you asked me once what I believe in. I believe in this." Rob raised their hands, laced together like an embroidered bodice. "I believe in this." First a kiss to their hands, then a kiss to Gamelyn's pale shoulder, then one against his cheek... and said, hoarsely, "I believe in you." From fear to love.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Greenwode
“Well, fancy that." His lover's favourite expression curled, sardonic, from Gamelyn's lips.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Summerwode
“I need him, Marion - I need him.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Greenwode
“Usually it was Gamelyn who babbled, too quick with words and uneasy of silence. But now and here they had switched places, and Rob, unable to contain the spew of words, finally, finally understood what it was that made Gamelyn sometimes just not shut up. It was curling in the pit of his gut right now, a warning as chill as the set of Gamelyn’s shoulders.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Greenwode
“He's one of them."

"Everything with you is 'us' and 'them'. What about 'we'?”
J. Tullos Hennig, Greenwode
“Any breath brought forth and spun into full-throated song had undeniable magic in the making.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Summerwode
“What I have, 'tis yours. Heart, head, and aye, horns. It's allus been yours.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Summerwode
“O God, Robyn. You are my heart, my soul. We will walk in the cool of the evening, beside our gods and each other.”
J. Tullos Hennig, Summerwode
tags: love
“He’s one of them.” “Everything with you is ‘us’ and ‘them’. What about ‘we’?”
J. Tullos Hennig, Greenwode
“Oh, laddie, I’m in it to the hilt.” She put a hand to his chest, shoved. Hard. “And if I’m going to watch you two go at it, it had better to be for more reason than you looking for a fight!”
J. Tullos Hennig, Greenwode

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