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“There are books so alive that you're always afraid that while you weren't reading, the book has gone and changed, has shifted like a river.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“There are books so alive that you're always afraid that while you weren't reading, the book has gone and changed, has shifted like a river; while you went on living, it went on living too, and like a river moved on and moved away. No one has stepped twice into the same river. But did anyone ever step twice into the same book?”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“And soon all of us will sleep under the earth, we who never let each other sleep above it.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Selected Poems
“I’m kissing you now — across
The gap of a thousand years.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, My Poems...: Selected Poetry
“Wings are freedom only when they are wide open in flight. On one's back they are a heavy weight.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Сводные тетради
“However much you feed a wolf, it always looks to the forest. We are all wolves of the dense forest of Eternity.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“Don't you know no one can escape
the power of creatures reaching out
with breath alone?”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“What is this gypsy passion for separation, this
readiness to rush off when we've just met?
My head rests in my hands as I
realize, looking into the night

that no one turning over our letters has
yet understood how completely and
how deeply faithless we are, which is
to say: how true we are to ourselves.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“Somewhere in the night a
human being is drowning.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Selected Poems
“I opened my veins. Unstoppably
life spurts out with no remedy.
Now I set out bowls and plates.
Every bowl will be shallow.
Every plate will be small.

And overflowing their rims,
into the black earth, to nourish
the rushes unstoppably
without cure, gushes
poetry ...”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Selected Poems
“Who sleeps at night? No one is sleeping.

In the cradle a child is screaming.

An old man sits over his death, and anyone

young enough talks to his love, breathes

into her lips, looks into her eyes.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“One should write only those books from whose absence one suffers. In short: the ones you want on your own desk.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Earthly Signs: Moscow Diaries, 1917–1922
“At the skin, my blood calls out to
your heart, my whole sky craves
an island of tenderness.
My rivers tilt towards you.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Selected Poems
“For the spell is older than experience. For the tale is older than the record.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“I’ll rise up as a poem…”
Marina Tsvetaeva, My Poems...: Selected Poetry
“Meanings are translatable. Words are untranslatable… More briefly – a word is translatable, its sound is not.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Сводные тетради
“No one has ever stepped twice into the same river. But did anyone ever step twice into the same book?”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“After a sleepless night the body gets weaker,
It becomes dear and not yours - and nobody's.
Just like a seraph you smile to people
And arrows moan in the slow arteries.

After a sleepless night the arms get weaker
And deeply equal to you are the friend and foe.
Smells like Florence in the frost, and in each
Sudden sound is the whole rainbow.

Tenderly light the lips, and the shadow's golden
Near the sunken eyes. Here the night has sparked
This brilliant likeness - and from the dark night
Only just one thing - the eyes - are growing dark.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“Life is a railroad station; soon I will set out - for where? I will not say.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“I have two enemies in all the world,
Two twins, inseparably fused:
The hunger of the hungry and the fullness of the full.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Selected Poems
“Your name is a -- bird in my hand
a piece of -- ice on the tongue
one single movement of the lips.
Your name is: five signs,
a ball caught in flight, a
silver bell in the mouth

a stone, cast in a quiet pool
makes the splash of your name, and
the sound is in the clatter of
night hooves, loud as a thunderclap
or it speaks straight into my forehead,
shrill as the click of a cocked gun.

Your name -- how impossible, it
is a kiss in the eyes on
motionless eyelashes, chill and sweet.
Your name is a kiss of snow
a gulp of icy spring water, blue
as a dove. About your name is: sleep.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“What shall I do, singer and first-born, in a
world where the deepest black is grey,
and inspiration is kept in a thermos?
with all this immensity
in a measured world? ”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Selected Poems
“كم أحب أنصاف الإبتسامات رداً علي الأسئلة !”
ماريانا تسفيتاييفا, كبرياء جريح - قصائد مختارة
“The one that burned the hottest is the first to die.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, My Poems...: Selected Poetry
“In you, I see the heroines of Shakespeare’s tragedies.
You, unhappy lady, were
never saved by anybody.”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“After a night of insomnia the body gets weaker,
Becomes dear but no one’s — not even your own.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, My Poems...: Selected Poetry
“I want to sleep with you, fall asleep and sleep. That magnificent folk word, how deep, how true, how unequivocal, how exactly what it says. Just – sleep. And nothing more. No, another thing: and know right into the deepest sleep that it is you. And more: how your heart sounds. And – kiss your heart.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Letters: Summer 1926
tags: sleep
“(Everyday life is like a sack: with holes. And you carry it anyway.)”
Marina Tsvetaeva
“The eclipses of poets are not foretold in the calendar.”
Marina Tsvetaeva, Selected Poems
“for the path of comets/ is the path of poets: they burn without warming,/ pick without cultivating. They are: an explosion, a breaking in”
Marina Tsvetaeva

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