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“Have you ever wondered what happened to every wish made upon a star…. every long
forgotten daydream…… every nightmare without an ending?” she asked, before stopping and standing behind
him. “Amaisia collects them and keeps them here.”
Lloyd Poast, Blink
“Smirking, Amaisia brought her hand to her lips. “Here’s a kiss wrapped in a falling star,” she said, blowing
a kiss towards him.”
Lloyd Poast, Blink
“Don’t look over your shoulder,
don’t look in the sky
the ocean is a stranger,
the sun is a lie.”
Lloyd Poast, Blink
“Have you ever boogied on a moon beam or drank wine from a rainbow?” she asked. “Well… now you can.
I’m everything impossible and everything that can never be. I’m the electric breeze.”
Lloyd Poast, Blink

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