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“We're quiet for a moment. And then: 'Why did you call me Matt?'
'It seemed like a good idea at the time. Now that I know you, I realise I should have called that character Dick.'
He laughs, and then the couch shakes. 'Honestly, Gabe, I forgot you could be this much fun.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
tags: gaby, rafa
“I hear you've been with every Rephaite in a skirt.'
Crap. Where did that come from?
'Who told you that?' HIs smile shifts into something less amused. 'Daniel. Who else? The prick.'
'Is he a liar?'
Rafa leans against the pale wall. 'I haven't been with everyone.'
'What about Taya?'
'Hell, no. I'm no monk, but I have standards.'
I wonder what else Daniel was wrong about. 'What about me?'
Rafa's teasing smile doesn't quite reach his eyes. 'You had standards too.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“I know exactly who I am. It’s everyone else who seems to be having a problem.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“I know things are messy with us, but do you really think I could just walk away from you?"
This time he doesn't look away. "Do you really think I'd let you?”
Paula Weston, Haze
“It's been a long time since you asked me for anything. I'm not going to fuck it up.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“Most stories are based on something real.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“I straighten and stretch my neck side to side. ‘I really need to hit something.’
Rafa’s mouth quirks. ‘I know what you need.’
‘In your dreams.’ I know where this is going: it’s been the same banter for about five decades now. Usually he saves it for an audience.
‘In my dreams, Gabe, you end up slick with sweat and moaning.’
‘I have food poisoning?’
He laughs, a beer halfway to his lips. Condensation drips from the bottle. He’s completely at ease here: three-quarter cargoes, frayed t-shirt, bare feet. ‘I’m just saying that if you need distracting, I’m your man.’
‘If I wanted to go places everyone else has been, Rafa, I’d take a trip to Disneyland.’
He leans in closer. ‘Yeah, but don’t you want to know why everyone loves Space Mountain?”
Paula Weston, Burn
“You believe what he's saying - that they're demons?"

Simon nods.

"Like, from hell?'"

"No," Rafa says, "from Comic-Con." He shakes his head. "Yes, from hell.”
Paula Weston, Haze
“How can you be so sure?" I badly want to believe him, but this is Rafa. The guy who's all action and no plan.
His smile is tired, knowing. An echo of a shared past I don't remember. "Because I'm not smart enough to give up, and you don't know how to.”
Paula Weston, Haze
“Calm down," Rafa says.
"Yeah," I say, "because you're an expert at patience."
"Which is why I look to you to set the example."
"Oh, fuck off.”
Paula Weston, Shimmer
“I knew this was still here somewhere." He pulls a knife from the back of the drawer, takes it out of its sheath and shines the torch on it. I move closer until our shoulders touch.
"That's beautiful," I whisper.
"You gave this to me."
I take the knife. It's heavier than I expect. "Please, tell me it was a gift and not something I stabbed you with.”
Paula Weston, Shimmer
“Love. Nightmares. Angels. War.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“You have no idea, do you? You two lost each other - I lost both of you." He hurls the bottle at the wall. It smashes against the tiles over the sink and the place instantly reeks of beer. "Screw this." He shifts. Two seconds later something hits the wall in his room.”
Paula Weston, Haze
“Morning after morning, I wake up with him lingering in my thoughts and I feel guilty without having any idea why.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“How can you forgive what I did?"

"Because I know you. Because I've seen the best and the worst of you. Because of everything we've been through in the last hundred and thirty-nine years and what we've been through since you found me in the bar. God, because I want to move forward."

"Yea, but --"

"Because I love you, you idiot!”
Paula Weston, Burn
“You have no idea, do you? You two lost each other - I lost both of you." He hurls the bottle at the wall. It smashes against the tiles over the sink and the place instantly reeks of beer. "Screw this." He shifts. Two seconds later something hits the wall in his room.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“You and he were never know. You were our best fighters. You bickered all the time, but you brought out the best in each other as warriors. Going into battle to you turned him on more than any woman could.'
I give her a dubious look and she laughs.'Maybe a slight exaggeration, but he really did love it.' Her smiles fades.'And you and Jude were inseparable. That's why it made no sense that you would take the opposite side to either one of them - let alone both...It got worse after you and Jude disappeared last year. We thought he'd gone back to the Sanctuary to be with you. And when we heard you'd both dies...Honestly, I though Rafa was going to harm himself. He wouldn't talk to anyone for weeks. He drifted in and out of our operations, and then a few months ago he lost interest completely and stopped answering calls. We only know he was still alive because he's send Zak an occasional text. We he told Zak about the possibility you'd resurfaced there was no doubt he's come looking for you-'
A fist bangs on the door. 'Gabe' Rafa barks. 'Your boyfriend's here. Get your arse into gear.'
'Yeah' I get to my feet. 'I'm the wind beneath his wings.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“He guides my fingers under his hair to the nape of his neck. To the shape of a crescent moon.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“Rafa straightens. ‘'Just let me figure a few things out.’'

‘'Like why you didn’t help me?’'

He shrugs, unrepentant. ‘'I thought it was an act. It didn’t cross my mind you wouldn’t fight.’'

‘'If I knew how to fight, Rafa, you wouldn’t still be conscious.’'

That brings a quick grin to his face. ‘'See, now that gives me hope all’s not lost. You’re still in there somewhere.’'

‘'Who’s still in here? Who is it you and those psychopaths think I am?’'

His smile fades. ‘'You really don’t know.”
Paula Weston, Shadows
“We’re not doing that, and you know it.” He doesn’t speak again I lean closer, lower my voice. “I know things are messy with us, but do you really think I could just walk away from you?”

This time he doesn’t look away. “Do you really think I’d let you?”
Paula Weston, Haze
tags: haze, rafa
“past year—I stop, remember to breathe. Let it go.”
Paula Weston, Shimmer
“There’s something in my voice that brings him back to me, overrides his buzz. ‘Gaby’—all traces of playfulness have gone—‘if anything ever happens to me, you’ll be fine. You’re strong enough to look after yourself. I hate to admit it, but you don’t need me. Never did.’ A smile. ‘But listen, nothing is going to happen today. It’s all good.’

‘Jude, we’re high enough up to get a nose bleed.’

‘So come with me.’

I blink. ‘Fuck off.’

‘I mean it. We can do this together.’ He raises his eyebrows at the girl who checked his harness. She nods.

I risk looking over the side. There’s a river far beneath us. So far down we can’t hear it. My entire body goes numb.

‘You’ve got about thirty seconds and then I’m going on my own.’

What a choice: watch my brother jump out of this car or put aside my own fear and go with him. Share the recklessness. Why didn’t we go to Paris? We’d be arguing over where to buy cheese right now.

Adrenaline begins to burn through me. ‘Screw it.’

Jude breaks into a wide smile. ‘Seriously?’

I glance at the yawning space beneath us. ‘Hurry up before I change my mind.”
Paula Weston, Haze
“I glance down at my threadbare t-shirt and baggy flannelette pyjama bottoms.”
Paula Weston, Burn

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