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“...did you have parents or did the devil just create you from some spare parts?”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“People say exactly what they mean when they are angry. That's when they are the most free to do so. They may not mean to hurt you, but they always mean what they say.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“Did you just roll your eyes at me?"
"Yes, I did and you better get used to it if you're going to say stupid things.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“No, but I do read a lot. I love to read. I could read for days and never stop. I use to be such a bookworm. I would barely look up to notice much of anything.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“Only God could save me from a certain deadly fate, and so rightfully, he sent the devil to rescue me.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Revenge
“Oh my! Did you see him?' Exie stops abruptly and turns to watch a man who smiles at her. ' Ooh yeah, he is fine.'
'You're not going to stop to talk to him?'
'Why ruin what we have by getting to know him?' She said with a wink.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“The sun rises bright and beautiful as if it feels no pain.
It must not see, it must not hear, it can't possibly or it would not be able to overcome so defiantly.
My bed creaks and whines when I leave it behind.
I don't know why it tries so hard to hold onto me but yet I continue to try and overcome.
I put on my shirt, my pants that fit me, find my socks and glue my heel back to my boot.
My gloves are lost, my coat is torn but my scarf still keeps me warm and so I continue to try and overcome.
Work has no pride, no place for me but I have no other place to be.
My broken dreams continue to rise, my hopes continue to fade but still I try to overcome.
A broken window and a gas tank on E, it's not Friday so I have to walk each day for at least another three.
And so I walk while the world cries and pleas and tries to swallow me but still I continue and try to overcome.
My lock on my door only turns halfway, but I don't have anything to steal anyway.
My fridge is bare but my cabinet still holds three so I continue to try and overcome.
The news haunts me, the weather threatens to rain down on me but another day has gone by.
And I have overcome, I have overcome … I have overcome - the sun has nothing on me.”
Jennifer Loren
“She is not too good about sharing and I am not too good with having to listen her complain. So, please stay away from her.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
tags: kyler
“I assumed he would be busy with some inflatable whore! Or did she round a corner to fast and bust a tit on her way here?”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Revenge
“If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengence need not be feared" Nicolo Machiavelli
Nicholas Jayzon”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Revenge
“I have the body - they didn't have to tell me that - or that I am innocent looking enough to drive the man crazy, but I blushed when they call me pretty.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“Few approach Nick the rest of the night, I am the only one brave enough to take him his specially made tea. "Thank you", he said barely glancing up at me.
"You're welcome", I said waiting for him to look up at me but he won't. I have to force myself to say something before the doubt takes me over. " That guy was wrong, but you should have ignored her to begin with. She would have been humiliated enough by that alone. Your ego got in the way of your judgment." I said before walking away proudly.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“You could recognize him from any angle: lean tall stature, deep black hair, and a walk that had an air of authority - like no one could possibly have anything to say that was of any importance to him”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“...he walks out the door making eye contact with me for only a second. It was at that moment that he lured me in. I was captivated by him and, for the first time, I understood his power. Nicholas Jayzon commanded attention when he walked into a room.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“After what I told her and she still wants me to date her son? He must be a perfectly wonderful catch.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“I'm Exie and despite what you may hear I am the best dancer here. No one else compares. So, don't even think you're going to come in here and take my time slots.
With a slight smile,' Well, if you're that good then you shouldn't have to worry about it, should you' I said.
Exie's bright smile forms smoothly across her face, 'I like you...”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“Hot as hell isn't he?' Exie questioned from over my shoulder.
'Yeah, I guess he is'
'You guess? Are you blind? Girl, he is so fine it's scary. I nearly had an orgasm the other day when he asked me a cup of tea. But don't stare too hard, Meagan will scratch your eyes out if she catches you staring at her man.' Exie said with a high eyebrow warning.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“Nick almost breaks a full smile when the men around him laugh aloud. "I don't kiss on the cheek." He said smoothly giving her the opportunity to end it there, but instead, she drags the bride over to him and asks again.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“Nick snatches the picture from the man's hand and laughs. "This is funny to you, asshole?"
Nick tosses the picture back behind him. "No. No, it's not. What is funny is that you believe your whore of a wife."
"Stand up your spineless punk!" The man yells in sheer rage.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“I don't think men ever grow out of their little boy games. They mature and find ways to make you not care or forget completely, if they know what they are doing and possibly your own name too, if you're real lucky. I'm feeling very lucky these days.”
Jennifer Loren, Finding Ava
“She is a mess, her dress once pulled together long and fresh, now drooping and awkwardly weighted to one side of her head. "What happened? Are you okay?" The women clamor around her.
Nick walks out in perfect order and perfect swagger, passing her with a downward glance. "You forgot your panties". He said tossing her underwear onto the table in front of her. After being embarrassingly ignored by the group of debutants, the nearby college boys feel justified by the turn of events and break into hysterics. Slinking out the side door, the mortified women exit without another word.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“Oh, that boy is in so much trouble.' Exie screeches out of the parking lot as if Jerran can hear her.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“The last time I saw him, I didn't breath again until he had dressed himself completely. From the crack in my sister's door, I saw him get out of her bed and inhale, as if he had accomplished his mission for the day.”
Jennifer Loren, The Devil's Eyes
“I should have known better, I shouldn't have been so excited and encouraging of the relationship. No man is that wonderful”
Jennifer Loren

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