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“Real love, you cowardly miscreant, is never intimidated, never frightened and is forever.”
Astrid Yrigollen, His Black Wings
“There is nothing that exists that is so great, that someone, somewhere, won't hate it.”
Astrid Yrigollen
“The most absurd thing of the whole affair was that we were never engaged. He just started showing up Sunday after Sunday and now expected to marry me. I never went out alone (or chaperoned) with him anywhere, I never even smiled at him. If that is all it takes to be engaged then I could have been married off to a hedgehog if it showed up every
Astrid Yrigollen, His Black Wings
tags: funny
“Sometimes people become mean because of horrible experiences. It’s a gradual process that hardens their hearts and minds and forces them to develop a thick skin. In order to survive they must adapt to their harsh surroundings. They in turn become mean.”
Astrid Yrigollen, His Black Wings
tags: life
“but sometimes deception is needed not to hurt the ones we care for.”
Astrid Yrigollen, His Black Wings
“You can't put a price on a sentimental value.”
Astrid Yrigollen, His Black Wings
“There was nothing better than the feel of a book in your hand, listening to the crinkling sounds as you turned its pages and the smell of its crisp paper.”
Astrid Yrigollen, His Black Wings
tags: book
“It's been my experience when you lie things work out in such a way that you are obliged to tell many more lies to cover up your first one. It's so much easier to just tell the truth the first time around.”
Astrid Yrigollen, His Black Wings
tags: lies, truth

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