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“ A good friend will warn me if danger is in my path. I cannot see with my eyes, so I must use my other senses and the white cane to help me navigate safely. But, help from a sighted friend is always appreciated.”
Gretchen Preston
“ Traveling into the unfamiliar is quite an adventure for a blind person. It makes me feel like a real explorer.”
Gretchen Preston, More Valley Cats
“I wish there were jokes in the cat world," Buddy sighed. "Want to try to one? Let's think of a prank we can pull on the boys.”
Gretchen Preston, More Valley Cats
“Well, I am glad you boys didn't try to use my saws, or we would really have a mess," Big Tim teased.”
Gretchen Preston, More Valley Cats
“ Yes, Brooke, sometimes friends can get you into trouble. But a good friend will always come and to your rescue.”
Gretchen Preston, More Valley Cats

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